Ivanhoe Park is one of Banyule’s prime reserves and supports a number of sporting activities including football, cricket, lawn bowls, croquet and tennis. Chelsworth Park and John Street Reserve are located within close proximity to Ivanhoe Park; collectively these three sites form a significant sporting and recreation precinct used by the local and broader community.

There are new opportunities for sports and recreation, emerging community needs and growing sporting club demands have highlighted the need for broader planning across the three sites which will collectively form the Ivanhoe Sporting Precinct Plan.

About the project

The Ivanhoe Sports Precinct Plan will guide the sports and recreation facility development of Ivanhoe Park, John Street Reserve and Chelsworth Park over the next 10 years. It will also shape how people access and move around this area and the design of sports and recreation assets (pavillions, playing surfaces and sports fields), and supporting amenities (toilets, play equipment, seating, pathways etc).

Consultation will be undertaken in two stages:

Stage One - Development: We asked for your feedback on the development of the Ivanhoe Sports Precinct Plan.

We received over 82 contributions from:

  • Reference groups
  • Local sporting clubs – to determine club’s needs, and future sport participation and growth
  • Local resident - to gauge experiences, how they use the area and their priorities for these reserves.

Stage Two - Check in: We will then ask for your input into the draft Ivanhoe Sports Precinct Plan options and key directions. Tell us what you think?

The feedback and information from the research and consultation undertaken will be used to develop the Ivanhoe Sports Precinct Master Plan and a consultation summary will be available for you to view.

Have your say


Thanks for your feedback.

Your comments will help us draft the Ivanhoe Sports Precinct Plan.

Submissions have now closed.

Principals and objectives

Guiding principals

The principals and objectives for the Ivanhoe Sports Precinct Plan are:

  1. Respond to changing participation trends, community needs and demands.
  2. Consolidate assets for more efficient and cost-effective asset management.
  3. Have facilities that are fit for purpose and meet contemporary compliance guidelines.
  4. Have safe and accessible public spaces for all ages.
  5. Maximise open space.
  6. Improve facilities while maintaining local amenity.
  7. Provide for a variety of open space uses.
  8. Improve community wellbeing and encourage healthy active lifestyles.
  9. Encourage active / sustainable transport modes.

The plan will provide us with options, directions and considerations regarding:

  • Connectivity and accessibility between and around the three reserves.
  • Making the best use of the existing facilities.
  • Development or redevelopment of facilities and;
  • Accommodating clubs needs for the future.

Our approach

What we did?

To ensure that the Ivanhoe Precinct Plan is fully informed, we have undertaken research and targeted stakeholder consultation. Some of the consultation methods we used were:

  • A community reference group with representatives from each of the tenant sporting clubs across the three reserves including Ivanhoe Netball Club.
  • Meetings with all relevant State Sporting Associations focusing on participation trend analysis and future growth projections.
  • Analysis of all three sites, their existing uses, opportunities and constraints.
  • Meetings with key stakeholder clubs to discuss their needs and aspirations.
  • Workshops with all relevant Council departments and staff.