Project Update

Following a ten week consultation period between August – November 2018, the Bellfield Urban Design Guidelines were adopted by Council on 25 February 2019.

The alterations to the Guidelines are detailed in the Report to Council presented at the meeting on 25 February 2019.

The Bellfield Urban Design Guidelines will guide future development in the area.

The guidelines include aspirations for:

  • a mix of five to six storey apartment blocks, two to four storey townhouses.
  • a new multi-purpose community hub.
  • a new, larger community garden with access to toilets, secure storage, bbq facilities and play area that will repurpose and relocate existing infrastructure from the current garden.
  • a social housing development.
  • further work with the community on to design the community precinct. This will include a community garden, urban farm, community hub, social housing development, parking and open spaces.

What happens next?

  • we have commenced the process to rezone certain parcels of land.
  • we have commenced the design of the community hub.
  • we are working through the requirements and conditions to start the sale and development of the land.

Following community consultation, there were some changes to the guidelines. The minutes from the 25 February Council meeting outline what feedback was received and what changes were made to the guidelines. You can also read the full consultation summary.

What we did?

In August 2018, we asked for your feedback, suggestions and ideas on the Draft Bellfield Masterplan and Bellfield Urban Design Guidelines. The consultation and engagement program spanned ten weeks, utilised many different methods, tools and forums, and reached a wide variety of people and stakeholders.

We used your feedback to develop the Banyule Urban Designs Guidelines Consultation Report which is an overview of the feedback received throughout the ten week consultation and engagement period.

The purpose of the consultation report was to inform a future Council Report which will address the themes and concerns raised by you. The Council Report will address the themes and make recommendations to help form Council’s decisions regarding the Draft Bellfield Urban Design Guidelines and the ultimate future for the former Banksia La Trobe Secondary College site.


History of the site

In 2012 Council acquired three decommissioned school sites from the State Government; Haig Street Primary School in Heidelberg Heights, Bellfield Primary School in Ivanhoe and part of the former Banksia La Trobe Secondary College in Bellfield. These sites were purchased to allow for high-end residential infill development in these areas of Banyule whilst also generating revenue for Council to enable existing community services and capital works programs to be undertaken.

The Banksia La Trobe Secondary College site is the last remaining school site to be developed. Urban Design Guidelines and a Masterplan have been developed to guide the future land use of this significant site in Bellfield.

About the project

The area of the former Banksia La Trobe Secondary College site is 26,422m² and consists of two different zoned parcels; a Residential Growth Zone parcel of 15,000m² located at 232 Banksia Street, and a 11,422m² parcel located at 230 Banksia Street which is zoned Public Use Zone land which we have committed to keeping and developing for ongoing community use.

Immediately to the west of the former school site are three additional Council-owned properties; 96 Oriel Road (Bellfield Community Centre), 98 Oriel Road (Hi City) and 100 Oriel Road (presently vacant). The Draft Bellfield Masterplan considers the consolidation of these properties with the former school site to provide efficiencies across the precinct and an integrated development outcome.

Draft Bellfield Masterplan

The Draft Bellfield Masterplan shows how the Draft Urban Design Guidelines can be delivered using each of our objectives in a specific, coordinated approach.

Key features of the Draft Masterplan include a new community hub, large green corridors throughout the site, integration with both the new community facility and Ford Park, water sensitive urban design interventions, a pedestrian-friendly environment, and a supply of townhouse (rear-loaded) and apartment (consolidated parking) dwelling stock, together with a complementary retail offering on the corner of Banksia Street and Oriel Road.

Whilst some of the key locations and sizes of the proposed components of the masterplan are likely to remain (such as the community hub, residential areas, community gardens, social housing), details of our preferred masterplan may not ultimately be in the final outcome as delivered on site. Developers will be invited to submit their own masterplans for the site that also align and abide by the Urban Design Guidelines and which may have different features such as alternate internal road networks and different locations of public space. This final masterplan, which will form the development plan, must meet our approved Urban Design Guidelines and will be subject to a formal decision of Council in future.

Principals and objectives

Guiding Principles

Key project principles and objectives for the Draft Bellfield Urban Design Guidelines and Masterplan are:

  1. Ensure the new development is designed and constructed so as to integrate with the local environment and existing neighbourhood.
  2. Deliver a development of high quality built form and open spaces that are pedestrian friendly, boast environmentally sustainable design principles, meet the project design guidelines and ensure leadership through liveability principles.
  3. Deliver a social housing component on the Public Use Zone land located at 230 Banksia Street.
  4. Deliver a new, multi-purpose, future-proof Bellfield Community Hub that can house many community groups and uses.
  5. Ensure a rigorous commercial structure and governance arrangement through the tender and commercial transaction process.
  6. Enable the selection of development partners that enables innovative ways of delivering different types of housing.
  7. Ensure the development is delivered in a timely manner so that the site does not sit vacant or under construction for long periods of time.
  8. Ensure the development strategy delivers a strong financial return to Council to help fund existing services and future capital projects.

Project timelines

Project timelines

The lifecycle of a large urban renewal project such as the Bellfield Masterplan will mean that the project will take some time to be realised.

The consultation phase will focus on helping shape what the new development will feel like - particularly around the architectural features of the built form, the landscape and sustainability elements, and the ways people access and move about the site. At the end of the consultation phase, Council will decide upon the final Urban Design Guidelines.

Once the Urban Design Guidelines are finalised, three distinct project paths will commence.

  1. The new Bellfield Community Hub will begin with its own community consultation phase about what a new, modern, future-proof multi-purpose facility can deliver for the local community.
  2. A planning phase will commence to ready the remainder of the site for new residential development.
  3. The development phase will begin to ensure that the ultimate delivery of this renewal site meets all of Council's expectations and the eight key project principles.

We are keen to hear your feedback on the Draft Bellfield Urban Design Guidelines and Draft Masterplan to help guide future work on this important urban renewal precinct. Consultation is open for six weeks, from 27 August 2018 until 5 October 2018.

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