The Northern Regional Trails Strategy (2016) is focused on delivering trails that connect multiple municipalities and regionally significant features while providing wide scale, quantifiable benefits. More specifically, the Strategy provides a blueprint and strategic framework for the future development and maintenance of a recreational off-road trail network comprising 120 existing and 96 proposed regional trails in northern metropolitan Melbourne.

The Strategy has been endorsed by Banyule, Darebin, Hume, Moreland, Nillumbik and Whittlesea Councils.

The intent of the refresh project is to review the existing Northern Regional Trails Strategy and develop an updated version which considers:

  • Trail projects already completed;
  • Revised Council priorities;
  • Modified landscape as a result of significant state infrastructure projects;
  • Changes resulting from rapid growth in population, economy and urban footprint.

Our approach

This project will deliver an updated Northern Regional Trails Strategy that:

  • Considers the recommendations of the existing strategies prepared by each of the participating Councils in the Region, the Victorian Cycling Strategy (2018-28), Victoria’s Trails Strategy (2013-23) and other relevant state and local strategic plans including State Government’s Strategic Cycling Corridors;
  • Identifies gaps and opportunities in the provision of an integrated and linked network of trails and will provide a strategic framework for developing, upgrading and maintaining trails across the network;
  • Considers who and who isn’t already using the regional trail network and why;
  • Recognises the changing physical landscape of the Northern Region and the impact and opportunities significant infrastructure projects may have;
  • Defines and quantifies (where possible) the economic, social, health and commuter benefits of developing the regional trail network;
  • Considers recent impact of Covid-19 on travel patterns and active transport demand;
  • Will be a key advocacy document to attract funding to deliver the Northern Region Trail Network.
The project is funded by the six Councils that have previously endorsed the Strategy and is being coordinated by Fitzgerald Frisby Landscape Architecture.