We are currently evaluating our outdoor exercise equipment in parks throughout Banyule to find out whether it is helping to make our community more physically active.

This will help us to better understand the use of the outdoor exercise equipment by our community and to find out how it can be improved or better utilised.

Get Involved

We need your feedback to help us better understand who is using the equipment, who isn’t and also to know what you think of the equipment. Even if you have never used the equipment, we want to hear from you. Your thoughts and opinions are valuable as they will guide our future planning and help to improve our outdoor exercise equipment.

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Local government plays an important leadership role in promoting and providing opportunities for the community to be physically active and enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle.

As part of this goal, outdoor exercise equipment has been installed in a number of parks throughout Banyule to improve access to physical activity for our community. This equipment provides free and easy access for the whole community to healthy recreational activities to improve the physical activity levels and overall health and wellbeing of everyone in the community.

While the outdoor exercise equipment has been installed in a number of locations, not much is known about the extent to which they are being used and what the community thinks about them. This information is important to understand as it will allow us to find ways to improve or better utilise the equipment in the future.

An evaluation of the outdoor exercise equipment is therefore needed as it will allow us to gain an understanding of the use of the equipment and the communities’ views about how effective it has been. The information found in the evaluation will shape the planning, decisions and future actions taken with regard to the outdoor exercise equipment to ensure that they continue to meet the needs of the community.