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Banyule Council Privacy Policy

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Banyule Council (Council) provides this site as a method of engaging with the community about a range of issues and projects. Council asks for feedback from the community which at times is displayed in an open forum, visible to other visitors to the site.

Registration & Particpation

Visitors to the site and encouraged and in some cases required to register with the site in order to provide feedback and leave comments. The registration process includes the requirement for some personal information including email address, gender, suburb of residence and year of birth. This information is used to enable Council to better understand the community of people interacting with this site. At times additional information may be asked voluntarily which could include information such as whether a user of the site has a disability, speaks another language or identifies with a particular community. This information is not displayed publicly but is used to ensure diverse representation from the local community. Council may also analyse the personal information given during registration and participation to better understand who is using and who is not using the site. This information may be used to assist with marketing and promotional endeavors to increase participation in the site.