Budget and Council Plan

The Budget 2020/2021 and Council Plan 2017 - 2021 (Year 4) have now been adopted.

These documents set out our key objectives and projects for 2020/2021.

The Council Plan and budget were developed based on;

  • a review of our existing work
  • an analysis of the feedback we have received through our community engagement program and
  • much work and discussion within Council.

Checking in and looking ahead

In 2016/17 we asked what you wanted Banyule to look like in 2021. This information along with research, data, legislation and policy and the ongoing review and improvement of our services helped us to develop our Council Plan 2017 - 2021.

We review and update the Council Plan each year and develop a specific annual budget that will deliver on our objectives. A part of reviewing the plan and developing the budget involves checking with the community on how we are tracking and understanding emerging issues and priorities.

Between November 2019 and February 2020 we received a total of 1,649 written ideas and views from the community. You can read a summary of how we engaged and what we heard in the 2020 What You Said Report.

Shared Priorities for our Future

Below is a snapshot of the priorities that were mentioned across all of our engagement.

  • Deliver quality and inclusive services that offer value for money and respond to community needs
  • Demonstrate responsible financial management, transparency, good governance and exceptional customer service
  • Plan for our growing City addressing development, transport, parking issues, open space and diversity
  • Maintain our public and open spaces and preserve neighbourhood character
  • Lead on environmental sustainability in partnership with the community
  • Invest in infrastructure and community facilities that service our community today and for future generations
  • Engage with our community to ensure they are well informed, represented and contribute to decision making
  • Encourage community participation and inclusion to provide opportunities for all
  • Advocate for our community to improve services, infrastructure and social outcomes


There are many areas of work Council undertake to make Banyule a great place to live, work and play.

The Council Plan Strategic Framework 2017-2021 guides our planning on how we do this. Some of the key features of the framework are the Vision, Objectives and Key Directions.

These features stay the same for the four years the Council Plan covers. What changes each year, are the actions that sit under each of the key directions.

Our Vision

Banyule, a green, sustainable and vibrant place for a healthy, connected and inclusive community.

Our Objectives
  • People - Strong, Healthy and Inclusive Communities
  • Planet - Environmental Sustainability
  • Place - Great Places and Spaces
  • Participation - Engagement and Advocacy
  • Performance - Efficiency and Good Governance