Asset Plan 2022-32

On 27 June 2022, the 10-Year Asset Plan 2022-32 was adopted by Council.

Thank you to everyone who participated in online and in-person consultation to help finalise this plan which will guide Banyule's asset management over the next ten years.

If you would like to watch the Council meeting, you can stream it here. The discussion on the 10-Year Asset Plan 2022-32 starts at minute 55:35 of the recording.


Our draft 10-year Asset Plan is about manage community assets in a way that balances budget, safety and the right level of service.

During consultation with Banyule community members in 2021 for the development of Banyule's Council Plan and Community Vision, we heard the preference:

  • To spend more on parks and gardens, and less on buildings
  • To spend more on fixing existing infrastructure, rather than building new
  • Not to borrow funds to build new infrastructure.

This feedback has been incorporated into the draft Plan. Other considerations in developing the Plan include availability of funding, evolving community needs and aspirations, age of assets, increasing flood and drought events and changing regulations.

Some key facts from the draft Plan include:

  • Council's renewal budget over the next 10 years is $173 million.
  • Buildings and parks and open spaces account for half of this renewal budget. Roads and footpaths account for 22% and 17% respectively.
  • The total budget for upgrades and new assets is $72 million over the next 10 years.
  • 49% of this is allocated to parks and open spaces and 44% to buildings.

These figures for the proposed distribution of capital funding across asset classes are illustrated in the following pie charts.

The draft Plan also includes recommendations for managing and maintaining Council's assets over the next ten years.

Take a look at the draft Plan then complete the survey to tell us what you think about our approach.

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