Project update

Sale of the land at Bellfield progressed in 2020 through two staged campaigns:

  • an initial Expression of Interest (EoI) marketing campaign; and
  • Request for Proposal (RfP) from shortlisted respondents following the EoI stage.

The Evaluation Panel assessed all submissions against Council approved selection criteria and decided on a preferred developer.

On 14 December 2020, Council resolved to sell the land to the preferred developer. The developer cannot be announced until the Contract of Sale has been executed, which is expected to occur in early February 2021. Drawings of the proposed development will be shared with the community at this time.

The Bellfield project is a high priority for Council. Despite COVID 19, there is a growing demand for market housing in optimal locations such as Bellfield. The building construction industry plays a critical role in economic recovery. Development of the land at Bellfield will provide crucial employment to hundreds of people and provide economic stimulus to the local Bellfield/Heidelberg West community.