Banyule deliver services including the Maternal and Child Health and Immunisation, and life stages services including Early Childhood Services, Youth Services, and programs for older adults.

We also have community buildings which are used for a range of other activities. Many are leased to organisations who deliver a variety of health, wellbeing, education or support programs for the community. Other buildings are used by groups and individuals for social, recreation, sports and interest-based activities.

Community buildings include:

  • Early years
  • Youth space
  • Community meeting and program space
  • Arts and culture
  • Libraries
  • Aquatic and leisure
  • Indoor sports and recreation
  • Outdoor sports and recreation
  • Community partnerships

We are committed to working alongside the community to deliver community buildings that are affordable, sustainable, equitably distributed across the municipality, and are safe and accessible for all.

Community Service and Infrastructure Framework

We are developing a Community Service and Infrastructure Framework (CS&IF) that will guide future investment in Council services and buildings for community use.

As our existing infrastructure continues to age, we need to find better ways to make the most of our community infrastructure so it can continue to serve our community well into the future.

We are not predicting high levels of population growth in Banyule but our community is changing and we need to plan for that. We’re planning so our community services and buildings can respond to changing age structures, backgrounds, identities, beliefs, needs and interests, while keeping our community a focus throughout all stages. We want to create new opportunities for community services and buildings that add value to our neighbourhoods.

Alongside the CS&IF, we are developing a Community Infrastructure Plan (CIP). Guided by the Framework, the CIP will identify and prioritise Council’s future investment priority projects over the next 10-20 years.

The CS&IP and CIP will link strongly with the Council Plan 2021 - 2025 and the Community Vision, as part of Banyule 2041 strategic objective “Our Valued Community Assets and Facilities”, to deliver meaningful outcomes that align with Council’s strategic priorities.

Have your say

Help us plan, deliver and manage community services and buildings in Banyule. There are 3 key opportunities to get involved.

Tell us:

  • what you think of the proposed design principles
  • about your experiences and what makes a great community service
  • your ideas on what makes a great community building.


Proposed principles

These principles will help us plan, deliver and manage community services and buildings: 

  • Community at the centre: We strive to uphold the rights of everyone and to offer opportunities that are of value to our diverse communities
  • Sustainable and connected: We perform against contemporary standards, safe, technology-enabled, harmonise with the natural environment, and seamlessly interface with neighbourhoods and public open space. 
  • Flexible: We bring people together for multiple purposes. They have ‘agility’ built-in, to enable us to respond to the changing needs and aspirations of community over time 
  • Achieving best outcomes: They are designed to uplift health, wellbeing and liveability over the long term; to value the customer experience and support economic and social prosperity for all 
  • Experiential: They enrich our community’s lived experiences through celebrating our diverse histories, cultures and interests and supporting people to share, understand, and explore opportunities to thrive together.
  • Collaborative: They are designed to promote partnerships; with community, with local agencies, enterprises and other levels of government, to achieve sustainability and unlock opportunities to better serve communities.  
  • Sustainably funded: They are delivered and maintained using a range of funding sources including public/private partnerships, grants, user charges and fees, partner co-contributions and developer contributions.

Community Services

What does a great Council service look/feel like?

We need your help to understand what makes a great community service. Can you help? Think about your experiences using Council’s service. (max 140 characters).

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Community Buildings

What does a great community building look/feel like?

Our community buildings are used to deliver Council services, to support local organisations, to provide services and for a range of other community use. We need your help to build on the Banyule Community Vision 2041 statement so we can establish a benchmark for assessing community buildings. Can you help? Think about the community buildings you’ve visited in Banyule and beyond. (max 140 characters).

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16 December, 2021

John Waugh says:

Sporting facilities should be fully upgraded for female participants. Pavilions fitted with solar, and ovals upgraded to LED lighting.

13 December, 2021

John says:

Local access is key. Award winning designs not needed. Correct size for era & purpose. Flexible use, multi-purpose. More trumps bigger.