Following on from community feedback earlier this year, we've prepared the proposed Budget 2024-28.

This has been endorsed by Council for public feedback and comment from Tuesday 21 May to Tuesday 4 June 2024.

Use the form below to tell us what you think, and reach out to Council officers if you would like to chat:

Tania O'Reilly, Manager Finance and Procurement and 9490 4267

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Project context

The Budget is where the magic happens, funding essential services like road maintenance, community programs and looking after our parks and sports facilities.

But it's the Revenue and Rating Plan, which outlines our fees, charges and council rates, that makes everything possible. These aren't just documents. They're the financial engine that brings the services and projects in our Council Plan to life.

Watch the recording of the 19 December Information Session to hear more about Council's Budget and Council Plan, and how you can get involved in giving us feedback.

Council Plan - Year 4

This is the final year of Banyule's 4-year Council Plan. Actions in the Year 4 Action Plan will focus on:

  • continuing activities and projects from the Year 3 Action Plan
  • new initiatives and key strategic planning documents
  • key advocacy issues on behalf of the community.

Actions and programs that are part of Council normal business are presented in the overview of services.


Banyule's four-year Council Plan was adopted by Council following in-depth deliberative engagement with the Banyule community in 2021. To support delivery of the Plan, Council adopts a yearly action plan each year of the four year Plan.

The yearly plans includes actions and services to help Council achieve Banyule's Community Vision 2041, and covers everything from delivering community events, community services, strategies and supporting the reduction of waste and carbon emissions.

Actions sit under the six priority themes from the Community Vision:

  • Our Inclusive and Connected Community
  • Our Sustainable Environment
  • Our Well-Built City
  • Our Valued Community Assets and Facilities
  • Our Thriving Local Economy
  • Our Trusted and Responsive Leadership

Revenue and Rating Plan


The Revenue and Rating Plan outlines how Banyule Council will generate income to build our Budget and deliver the Council Plan and Community Vision 2041. It considers:

  • how we generate income through rates
  • service charges and rates applied on services such as waste and recycling
  • fees and charges for services and programs
  • contributions from developers
  • revenue generated from Council assets
  • grants from other governments.

Take a moment to have a look at the draft Revenue and Rating Plan 2024-28.

Budget 2024-28

Budget 2024-28 will continue Council's recovery effort from the financial challenges associated global financial impacts of supply shortages and increased costs.

As an organisation, Council remains committed to ensuring long-term financial sustainability and to do this Council is prioritising the needs of the community, striving to maintain essential services, delivering infrastructure and supporting economic growth.

We also continue to seek crucial funding support from State and Federal Governments to address our ageing infrastructure and contribute to the revitalisation of our community.

To respond to these challenges, we have made efforts to offset expenses through innovation and adapting our systems without impacting the quality of our services. We also remain focused on delivering our previous commitments to our Community.