Price Park

Price Park, Viewbank is a large reserve with interesting terrain and offers views to the Dandenongs and Lower Plenty. It contains a playspace and a circuit walking trail with a number of exercise equipment stations. It also has a centrally located fenced off-lead dog exercise area.

We are planning improvement works to the fenced off dog park at Price Park. These works will consider the installation of lighting but we need to know what the community think before we confirm this will go ahead.

The project scope of works will include:

  • additional features for dog exercise and agility
  • improved areas for seating
  • tree removal in line with the Master plan for the park. (Replacement trees are planned for future planting seasons).
  • consideration to install lighting

Lighting at Price Park Dog Park

Do you think Council should consider lighting at Price Park dog park for night time use in the Winter months

Dog park users have expressed a need to light the fenced off, dog park area of Price Park. We would like to now hear the thoughts of the community as a whole.

Our recommendation is to not introduce lighting in the proposed area, due to:

  • the negative impact on fauna, impacting local wildlife, including food sources for Powerful Owls that have been seen in the area
  • the precedent this may introduce
  • the fact that dog owners can walk their dogs anywhere in the park (close to the road where there is existing lighting)
  • the impact of lighting on nearby residents as the park currently has not artificial lighting.

We understand that the area is widely used by the community, and if lighting at the dog park is supported, then we propose installing:

  • one low level down-lit light at the northern entry to the fenced dog park
  • one low level down-lit light located within the fenced dog park area
  • all lights will be automated and timed to turn off at 7.30pm during the months May - September.
  • No other areas in the Park will be lit in order to preserve the habitat value of the park for fauna.

View the proposed lighting plan for the area.

Thank you

Thanks for your feedback on lighting at Price Park Dog Park. Feedback is now closed.