Improving Ford Park Dog Park

Thank you for your feedback on the concept design for the Ford Park Dog Park Improvements.

The project has taken longer than expected as we were made aware of asbestos contamination in one of the embankments.

We engaged a contamination and asbestos contractor to inspect the site and recommend the best solution for appropriate management. The contractor has since confirmed that there is no risk associated with continued use of the park and recommended that the affected embankment be covered in Geotech fabric and topped with certified mulch to reduce the likelihood of further contamination.

The Geotech fabric and the dog park upgrades will be completed concurrently. The park will closed from the 14 May until 7 June 2024 for these works to be completed.

The works will include:

  • Geotech fabric will be installed along the embankment and topped with mulch to reduce the likelihood of contamination coming to the surface
  • The addition of natural rocks and logs to provide obstacles for dogs in balance with more clear space for dogs to run
  • The addition of a path around the central area for better access during winter
  • Improved drainage throughout the dog park
  • New park furniture and screen planting around the shed and water tank
  • Replacing dog waste bins to two standard bins at each entry for better waste management
  • Trimming existing vegetation and low branches particularly on the mounded sections of the park for better visibility.

The project aims to deliver an upgrade that is informed by the project analysis which considers site drainage, lighting, park furniture, budgetary constraints and aligns with the Public Open Space Plan 2016-2031.

We are excited to continue to provide a high-quality experience.

Community Engagement

What we heard

From 20 February to 20 March 2023, we consulted with the community on the proposed upgrade works for Ford Park Dog Park. 67 people provided feedback through an online survey.

As a result of your feedback:

  • We changed the number and location of rocks and logs to provide more open space
  • We included screen planting around shed and water tank
  • We will be cutting back some of the lower vegetation for improved visibility
  • We will increase site drainage works to manage some issues on site.

Your feedback has been incorporated into the final design and will form part of the works completed.

About the space

Ford Park is located at 244 Banksia Street, Bellfield and forms part of the 9-hectare sports and recreational hub. The recreational hub includes a children’s playground, two picnic areas with barbecues, a ride and scoot track, a multipurpose casual play court, accessible paths, seating, landscaped surrounds and a dog park.

The dog park currently includes:

  • a perimeter fence with an entry / exit point at either end.
  • a centrally located access path leading through the park
  • drinking fountains and dog bowls
  • seating
  • an open central exercise area
  • embankments for varied play and exercise
  • large trees for shade.