About the project

As our climate and environment changes it is expected that Banyule, and other municipalities, will experience less regular but more intense rainfall and storm events resulting in an increased risk of flash flooding. Recent major storm events have generated significant flows of water through the municipality causing substantial damages to residential property.

The project to manage flooding in Glendale Reserve was identified as a priority based on a flooding study we did. The Council’s storm water engineers and external consultants investigated and explored a number of options to deal with the risk of flooding in this area in line with industry best practice.

Our plan

Two options explored were explored as possible ways to manage the risk of flooding:

  • A duplicate pipeline through private property and a school easement; and
  • A retarding basin in the reserve (a drainage system holding back water until flow subsides)

It was found that duplicating the pipeline would cause major disruption to properties owners and the nearby school.

The retarding basin option was found to be the best way to deal with the problem. The basin will be situated within the Reserve and does not impact any playground space or involve any loss of significant trees.

The project will also create more playspace and improve the vegetation within this section of the reserve. Importantly the project is designed to manage the risk of flooding during periods of heavy rainfall in line with industry best practice. The retarding basin option will also help reduce the risk of flooding to properties downstream of Glendale Reserve including Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School and properties along Weidlich Road.

Project timelines

We think that the construction works will take about six months to complete and are hoping to start work in February 2019. We will work to minimise the impacts to the community as we complete the project but there will be some noise, dust, increased truck movements, traffic control and vehicles accessing the work site. Signage will be in place to safely guide people around the work site.

We will notify you again when the project is to commence.


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Thank you for your comments on the design of the Glendale Reserve - St Helena Catchment Drain. Feedback has now closed. We will use your comments to help us finalise the design.


Glendale Reserve Flood Management Project

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