Governance Rules

They guide Council meeting procedures, voting processes, debate, the election of the mayor and deputy mayor, and community participation in Council meetings, and are required under Section 60 of the Local Government Act 2020.

From September 2022, a change to the Local Government Act 2020 will permanently allow councils to conduct meetings online. This has prompted us to look at how virtual meetings take place and other changes to our governance rules based on best practice.

Proposed changes

Here are some of the key changes proposed for the Governance Rules:

  • Inclusion of a Statement to Good Governance
  • The amendments made to the provisions for the Election of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor
  • Inclusion of general business – how items of general business can be raised and the parameters around them
  • Changes to speaking times for Councillors when moving, seconding motions and for Councillors engaging in debate
  • The process for calling and holding electronic Council Meetings
  • Updates made to Chapter 7 - Election Period Policy (such as terminology updates)

Get involved

Have your say

Tell us what you think of the proposed changes to the Governance Rules. Have your say until 27 September 2022.

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