Project update

We have done extensive consultation with the community, stakeholders involved with graffiti management and Council departments. We used your comments, sector benchmarking and research to develop the Draft Graffiti Strategy 2020 – 2024.

We consulted with 11 internal departments whose areas are directly impacted by graffiti. We also received feedback from over 50 residents through community meetings and consultation sessions, over 30 people from local businesses, agencies or State Authorities in Banyule and over 25 people from the Graffiti Summit in June 2019.

Now we want to know, did we get it right?

Have your say on our draft Graffiti Strategy

Thank you for your comments on the Draft Graffiti Strategy 2020 - 2024. Feedback is now closed.

Our commitment

The draft strategy makes four commitments to address graffiti in Banyule:

  • Commitment 1: Understand the problem

We will better understand that graffiti is a problem across the municipality and the factors that contribute to the issue.

  • Commitment 2: Ensure collaborative responses

We will actively engage with stakeholders to develop collaborative and coordinated responses to graffiti management.

  • Commitment 3: Reduce the environmental impact

We will take steps to minimise the impact of graffiti on the natural environment.

  • Commitment 4: Advocate for continuous improvement

We will advocate to strengthen Federal, State and Local Government graffiti policies and initiatives.

Our actions

To act on our commitments, the draft strategy lists three key actions:

  • Building a graffiti resilient community

We will strengthen our community development approach to prevent illegal graffiti through better education, diversionary support and cultural and economic opportunities.

  • Supporting a rapid response to illegal graffiti

We will support the rapid removal of illegal graffiti across the municipality and will assist community stakeholders to contribute to achieving this goal.

  • Strengthening our collaborative response

We will collaborate with relevant authorities and community stakeholders to reduce the impact of illegal graffiti and maximise the benefits of partnership initiatives.

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.