About the project

We are reviewing our Graffiti Management Strategy which expires this year and would like your feedback on how we can better manage graffiti in Banyule.

The Graffiti Prevention Act 2007 defines graffiti as marking publically visible graffiti, or offensive graffiti, on property without the owner's consent.

We are currently exploring how best to manage graffiti and work together across the community. We will use this knowledge to develop a new strategy which will highlight Council’s graffiti management responsibilities and opportunities to develop stronger partnerships and improvement initiatives. A draft strategy will be available for public consultation in mid 2019.

How does graffiti impact our community?

We understand graffiti impacts our community in social, environmental and economic ways. It impacts how safe people feel and our neighbourhood characteristics. It is difficult to eliminate graffiti altogether but effective management is possible.

Council is just one of many parties responsible for the management of graffiti in Banyule.

  • Graffiti removal is the responsibility of the property owner, whether it is residential or commercial. This includes traders associations, utility providers and government bodies such as Melbourne Water.
  • Council is responsible for removing graffiti from Council assets, including buildings, park furniture etc.

Our key areas of focus are:

Reporting - To encourage our community to report graffiti to the owner of the asset/property.

Prevention - To support crime prevention initiatives at a local and state level.

Removal - To continuously reduce the cost of graffiti removal on private and public property.

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