Update - October 2019

The Greensborough Parking Plan was adopted by Council on 7 October 2019. The Parking Plan will guide parking management in Greensborough and will include changes to parking restrictions and carpark lighting and signage to meet the needs of the community.

A Planning Scheme amendment process is the next step in implementing the Parking plans recommendation to reduce parking requirements for new developments. This will bring them in line with similar activity centres across metropolitan Melbourne. For more information contact the Strategic Planning team on 9490 2222.

About the project

Greensborough is a vibrant and sought after community with many people choosing to live, work, study or play in the area. Parking management is important so that Greensborough remains well visited and accessible.

To manage parking into the future, we have developed the Greensborough Parking Plan in alignment with the Banyule Integrated Transport Plan 2015-2019.

The Plan helps ensure Greensborough grows economically, with great amenity, accessibility, walkability and remains a great place to be.

Our approach

To help us develop the Draft Greensborough Parking Plan, we audited the carparks in the Greensborough study area. The audits were done on a Thursday and a Saturday (to capture work and leisure activities). These audits showed the availability and use of car parking in the area, helping us decide what is needed for the future. We also met with a variety of stakeholders to identify their parking concerns. Stakeholders included the local primary school, churches, Greensborough RSL, WaterMarc and the Greensborough Chamber of Commerce.

The key findings and recommendations highlighted below work to ensure that the Draft Greensborough Parking Plan will meet community parking needs into the future.

23 May 2019 - Thanks for all your comments so far on the draft Greensborough Parking Plan. We received some comments around wanting more information about place making and promotion of sustainable transport options in Greensborough. We have uploaded the Greensborough Transport Masterplan (see document library) which has more detail on Council's direction in giving more priority to walkability, safe cycling and public transport accessibility and services.

What we found

Key findings

The key findings of the car park study are:

  • Greensborough Activity Centre has over 7000 available public car park spaces which is sufficient for current needs.
  • Most visitors stay in Greensborough for less than one hour.
  • Parking is in highest demand at midday on weekdays with 80% of car parking spaces in use during this time.
  • Visiting hours have spread out over the day since 2006, with the activity centre being operational for longer hours.
  • An increase in visitors is expected over the next 20 years as Greensborough develops.

What we recommend


The following recommendations have been made and included in the Draft Greensborough Parking Plan:

  • Car park improvements; improved lighting, improved pedestrian facilities, disability parking provisions, electronic parking signage and maps to all day parking.
  • Promotion of other transport options.
  • Increased parking enforcement.
  • Apply trader and developer parking provision requirements in line with similar activity centres.
  • Development of more car parks to be considered in the longer term, if needed.

Have your say


Thanks for your comments on the Draft Greensborough Parking Plan, your feedback will be used to finalise the Greensborough Parking Plan and help make it a reality. Feedback is now closed.

Please tell us how much you agree with the proposed recommendations.

1. Promotion of Alternative Transport Options
Not sure
Advocate to State Government authorities for improved pedestrian and cyclist access to Greensborough.
Advocate to the State Government authorities for improved public transport connectivity and services.
2. Car Park Improvements
Not sure
Investigate the installation of electronic signs at the WaterMarc multi-level carpark to assist visitors to know when the carpark is full or if there are any available parking spaces.
Review existing parking restriction signage within the Henry Street carpark and consider additional signage to make existing parking restrictions clear and easy to identify.
Encourage the provision of one motorcycle or scooter parking space for every 50 car parking spaces within any new car park.
Promote the use of carparks available to visitors to the medical service providers in the area around Grimshaw Street (between Flintoff Street and Para Road).
Provide wayfinding maps to all office and facility staff indicating all day parking areas.
Ensure adequate parking for people with a disability which is close to shopping, community and medical centres.
Provide adequate lighting and pedestrian footpaths to improve safety and ensure accessibility to and from parking areas.
Extra bicycle parking to be provided when a reduction to car parking spaces for a residential development is approved.
3. Parking Turnover
Not sure
Ensure appropriate parking restrictions are implemented and enforced to maintain access to driveways and off-street parking facilities.
Increase car parking enforcement throughout the WaterMarc multi-level car park.
In consultation with Greensborough Plaza management, increase car parking enforcement throughout the 90 minute car parking area within Greensborough Plaza.
Increase both on-street and off-street parking enforcement in central locations.
4. Car Parking Rates
Not sure
Reduce the number of car parking spaces in residential developments, shops and restaurants to reflect the parking provisions in activity centres of a similar size.

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.