This project is an exciting chance to shape the future of the Heidelberg Activity Centre. The current Heidelberg Structure Plan (see Background documents below) has been in place since 2007 and a review is now required. We want to build on Heidelberg’s unique features and produce a new community focused plan which delivers more jobs, attracts vibrant businesses, supports diverse and well-designed housing, is better connected and has inviting public open spaces. Whether you live, work or visit the centre your input is vital to ensure that the new Heidelberg Structure Plan reflects the community's values and priorities.

Thank you for your feedback, Your comments will help us develop a new structure plan for the Heidelberg Activity Centre. Feedback is now closed.

About the project

Development of a new Structure Plan for the Heidelberg Activity Centre will be completed in three stages over the next two years:

  • Stage 1 - will focus on extensive community engagement that comprises of online surveys, street intercept surveys and focus groups. We will also be doing a ‘health check’ of the centre to understand how it has been performing economically, physically and environmentally
  • Stage 2 - will involve the drafting of a new Heidelberg Structure Plan using feedback received in Stage 1.
  • Stage 3 - we will go back out to the community with this draft, to make sure we have it right. Council will consider all your feedback before adopting a final Structure Plan for Heidelberg.

The Heidelberg Activity Centre

The Heidelberg Activity Centre is bounded by the Yarra River, Brown Street, St Hellier Street, Waterdale Road and Banksia Street. It is a large and diverse area with a mix of retail and commercial services, residential properties, major hospitals, public transport and large parklands.

Aerial map of Heidelberg Activity Centre