Draft Heidelberg Structure Plan

The draft Heidelberg Structure Plan is a place-based strategic framework that will guide growth and coordinate Council investment and activity in the Heidelberg Major Activity Centre over the next twenty years.

The draft Structure Plan builds upon the previous 2010 version and establishes the basis for the future application of an Activity Centre Zone (ACZ) in the Banyule Planning Scheme. Key elements of the plan include:

  • a framework for the whole Heidelberg centre
  • 6 precincts, each with its own vision, strategies and actions.
  • objectives and strategies for ‘Activity and Land Use’, ‘Built form and Character’, ‘Access and Connection’ and ‘Places for People: Public Realm and Open Space’.


See the ideas and objectives for each of the key precints within the centre.

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What next

Next steps

Following the consultation period, we will:

  • Collate and analyse all your feedback and provide you with a summary here on the Shaping Banyule.
  • Council will consider all the feedback received prior to finalising and adopting the Heidelberg Structure Plan at its meeting on 6 December 2021.

Once the draft Heidelberg Structure Plan is adopted, we will:

  • Develop an implementation plan which will coordinate the proposed actions detailed in the Structure Plan, along with other Council activities and initiatives to ensure coordinated and timely outcomes are delivered.

An amendment to the Banyule Planning Scheme is also required to implement the adopted Heidelberg Structure Plan through the application of a new Activity Centre Zone (ACZ). This will set out the statutory planning controls and guidelines required to assess planning permit applications. It will undergo a publicly exhibited amendment process, with opportunities to make a submission on the proposed changes.


The Heidelberg Activity Centre

The Heidelberg Activity Centre is bounded by the Yarra River, Brown Street, St Hellier Street, Waterdale Road and Banksia Street. It is a large and diverse area with a mix of retail and commercial services, residential properties, major hospitals, public transport and large parklands.

What we have done

About the project

This project is an exciting chance to shape the future of the Heidelberg Activity Centre. We want to build on Heidelberg’s unique features and produce a new community focused plan which delivers more jobs, attracts vibrant businesses, supports diverse and well-designed housing, is better connected and has inviting public open spaces. Whether you live, work or visit the centre your input is vital to ensure that the new Heidelberg Structure Plan reflects the community's values and priorities.

Project stages

Development of the draft Structure Plan for the Heidelberg Activity Centre was completed in three stages over the last two years.

  • Stage 1 - assessed the performance of the Centre. We conducted extensive community engagement and commissioning several technical studies, including:
    • Economic Analysis
    • Built Form Review
    • Movement and Place Plan
    • Place Making Action Plan
  • Stage 2 - a set of key directions for the new Structure Plan was prepared. These were based on the key findings and recommendations from community consultation, stakeholder input and the technical background documents. This stage delivered initiatives, such as parklets and a pop up park, to support post COVID-19 recovery and community reconnection.
  • Stage 3 - a new Heidelberg Structure Plan has been developed. We are seeking feedback on the draft Plan, to make sure we have it right. Council will consider all your feedback before adopting a final Structure Plan for Heidelberg.

Project updates