Heritage in Banyule

Banyule is proud of its rich natural, Aboriginal, cultural and built heritage. Our heritage contributes to our understanding of the past, sense of place and identity. We are working to ensure that our heritage continues to be a source of enjoyment, creativity and pride to our community, now and into the future.

A draft Heritage Strategy has been developed to guide our heritage work for the next 10 years. The Strategy outlines our key achievements, identifies challenges and opportunities, and recommends key actions. It is based on four key themes:

  • Knowing - identification, assessment and documentation of heritage places.
  • Protecting - policy development, statutory protection, appropriate management.
  • Supporting - assistance, advice and incentives to help conserve heritage places.
  • Promoting and celebrating - measures to raise awareness and appreciation of the heritage of the area.

We want to hear from you whether we have the right priorities and actions in the draft Strategy!

Get involved in the Heritage Strategy by completing the survey or registering for an in-person or online community information session.

Project context

Draft Heritage Strategy

The draft Heritage Strategy 2023 - 2033 builds on the previous Banyule Heritage Strategy 2013 and has been developed in line with Heritage Victoria’s Municipal Heritage Strategies: A guide for Councils 2012.

Reflecting a whole-of-Council approach to heritage, the Strategy has been developed by a cross-organisational team and has included:

  • Review of the previous 2013 Heritage Strategy
  • Understanding the historical, legislative, policy and strategic context
  • Meeting with Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung Elders
  • Workshop with Banyule Council departments
  • Councillor presentation and discussion
  • Peer review by an expert heritage consultant to ensure industry best practice.

We will be embarking on a significant piece of work with our Traditional Owner group to develop a comprehensive Self-Determination Strategy in 2024-2025. Detailed actions relating to Aboriginal cultural heritage will be fully explored and addressed as part of this separate project.