Ivanhoe Park, Chelsworth Park and Ivanhoe Recreation Reserve (John Street) form a significant sporting precinct that is home to 14 clubs with over 2000 registered members and a student population. It is also a favorite recreation destination for the community enjoying the natural environment and amenity.

In 2018 Council funded the development of the Ivanhoe Sports Precinct Plan response to several separate budget submissions from clubs requesting improvements to: ageing facilities, improving access, increasing standards and the opportunity to explore mergers and accommodate increased participation.

About the project

The Ivanhoe Sports Precinct Masterplan will guide sports and recreation facility development, unstructured use for play, events and passive recreation by providing a schedule of works and priorities over the next 10 years.

A draft Ivanhoe Sports Precinct Plan Issues and Option Summary Report is now complete and includes the preferred option below.

Ivanhoe Sports Precinct - Option One

Option One - Ivanhoe Sports Precinct design

Option one delivers:

  • A consolidation of bowls at John Street with tennis, with less impact on residents amenity.
  • Maintains the bowls clubrooms at Ivanhoe Park to provide flexible community spaces, with the potential to accommodate a range of community users and groups.
  • Improved and diverse open space at Ivanhoe Park in line with the objectives of the Banyule Public Open Space Plan 2016-2031.
  • Three outdoor netball courts to meet demands, broader community use and access.
  • Allowance for built infrastructure and improvements to the overall amenity of Ivanhoe Park.
  • Enables the croquet facility to be extended, supporting regional events.

What we have done


Stage 2

Consultation is now complete. We have undertaken the following consultation with the community and other stakeholders to guide further development of Ivanhoe Sports Precinct Plan, including:

  • Two pop up consultation sessions (Ivanhoe Park and Chelsworth Park)
  • Online community survey on Shaping Banyule
  • Key stakeholder online interviews with 15 tenant and stakeholder clubs
  • Written and email submissions

A consultation summary report will be presented to Council with recommendations to resolve the plan at the Council Meeting on 18 July, 2022.

Details on how you can request to speak (in person or online)  is available here.

Stage 1

Consultation is now complete. We have undertaken the following consultation with the community and other stakeholders to guide the development of Ivanhoe Sports Precinct Plan , including:

  • talking to local sporting clubs to determine needs and aspirations.
  • meeting with relevant state sporting associations to determine current and future needs and participation growth trends.
  • undertaking a survey of residents surrounding the three sites on the current amenities and areas for improvements; and
  • working with a Community Reference Group.

View the draft Ivanhoe Sports Precinct Plan: Issues and Options Summary Report for outcomes of this consultation along with details of site analysis, constraints and opportunities.

Objectives and key drivers


The objectives for the Ivanhoe Sports Precinct Plan are to:

  1. Respond to changing participation trends, community needs and demands.
  2. Consolidate assets for more efficient and cost-effective asset management.
  3. Have facilities that are fit for purpose and meet contemporary compliance guidelines.
  4. Maximise open space.
  5. Improve facilities while maintaining local amenity.
  6. Provide for a variety of open space uses.
  7. Improve community wellbeing and encourage healthy active lifestyles.

Key drivers

Five factors that influence development of the precinct are:

  • The need to rationalise existing infrastructure and facilities and create stronger linkages between sports within the precinct.
  • The age of the unstructured amenities that require upgrade.
  • Changing sport participation demands.
  • Facilities which don’t meet current industry standards.
  • Community advocacy for outdoor netball facilities to meet club growth and local training needs.