About the project

James Reserve is a well-loved park which is in need of an upgrade. It is anticipated that James Reserve will increase in popularity due to population growth in the area and we need to plan for this now.

We would like your thoughts on the James Reserve Masterplan concept design, with the aim to create a vision for James Reserve that will give us a safe, attractive and functional park catering for both active and passive recreation. Therefore, James Reserve will continue to be a place where people meet, go to relax, exercise, play and have fun.

The James Reserve Masterplan will guide the development of James Reserve.

Improvements include:

  • Lighting
  • Playground including nature play
  • Facilities including change rooms, toilets and sports pavilion
  • Sporting opportunities (informal Futsal and Netball)
  • Fencing
  • Landscaping/planting
  • Accessibility
  • Irrigation

The James Reserve Masterplan design will be implemented in four stages over a four year period.

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Thank you for your comments on the James Reserve masterplan concept design.

Feedback received will be used to help us shape the masterplan concept design for James Reserve. The final design will be made available in the future. Feedback has now closed

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What is your relationship to Banyule?


Heidelberg Heights has the third highest population density in Banyule and its population and housing density is projected to increase substantially in the coming years. The suburb has limited access to parks and reserves and there is a need to improve both the quality of and access to, existing public open space. Our committment to public open space, participation and place is captured in both our Public Open Space Plan (2016-2031) and Council Plan (2017-2021); James Reserve has been highlighted in the Public Open Space Plan (2016-2031) for improvement.

James Reserve is a 1.5 hectare neighbourhood park located in the suburb's south in proximity to Bell Street and Upper Heidelberg Road. Existing park facilities include play equipment, half basketball court, cricket net, soccer pitch, fencing, public toilets and pavillion. The site includes a mix of native and exotic mature trees located towards the periphery of the site. James Reserve is home to the Heidelberg Eagles Soccer Club and used by the surrounding community for passive recreation.

Our approach

We have engaged 3 Acres Landscape Architecture to develop a masterplan concept design for James Reserve. 3 Acres Landscape Architecture have completed background research, a site analysis and investigated opportunities for improving the functionality and amenity of James Reserve including a review of the path network, furniture, play facilities and opportunities to install large spreading canopy trees. We have also established an internal working group to provide expert advice and input into the masterplan concept design, and will meet with key James Reserve stakeholders including the Eagles Soccer Club and St Hellier Street Children's Centre.

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