Project update

Construction of the Sherbourne Road Reserve - Tahlee Playground is now complete.

We consulted with the community and received feedback from 15 community members through the online survey and emails sent directly to our Open Space Planning Team.

We heard what you said:

  • Path art: will be engaging local artists to create artwork with a focus on flora, fauna, colour and interactive pieces.
  • Embankment (near the kindergarten entrance): will be planted out with native and indigenous species.

Some residents requested fitness equipment, a basketball court, skate facilities and a slide to be delivered within the park. We explored different options on how to incorporate your feedback into the designs. Unfortunately due to levels, existing trees, budget and access requirements to the reserve we are unable to achieve that outcome.

About the space

Sherbourne Road Reserve also known as Tahlee Playground is a small reserve in Montmorency. It has an existing swingset, shade trees and a concrete path.

This reserve is well used by local families and Sherbourne Pre-School and is now scheduled for renewal. We are excited to continue to provide a high quality playground experience at Sherbourne Road Reserve and we are seeking your feedback on the proposal.

Improving your playground

We will replace the existing playground with new and improved equipment to meet the needs of the local community. The new equipment will have timber elements and the playground will be softened with sections of nature play elements including logs and timber steppers giving it a very organic look, connecting the play space with the natural environment.

Improvements include:

  • A timber swing set with a strap seat and a toddler seat. The swing will be connected to the footpath with rubber softfall
  • The garden around the Pre-school will be replanted
  • A new nature play area with log steppers and features
  • Trimming of trees and woody weeds removed
  • Footpath to be painted with artwork