About the space

Partingtons Flat is a large reserve located along the Plenty River in Greensborough. The reserve has two playspaces, one that’s located to the north at the top of a very steep hill and provides access to Gilway Rise. The other, located to the east of the Diamond Valley Soccer Club pavilion and sports field.

The reserve is well used by local families and the Diamond Valley Soccer Club. However, due to access issues, the playground located at the top of the hill, at the north end of the reserve, is not used much. The playground to the east of the Diamond Valley Soccer Club also has some issues and despite Councils attempts to address this, the playground continues to attract anti-social behaviour.

Council is proposing to remove both existing playgrounds and replace them with a new playground located closer to the Diamond Valley Soccer Club, to the west of the sports pavilion and within easy access to the carpark and the Plenty River trail.

We are excited to continue to provide a high-quality playground experience at Partingtons Flats and are seeking your feedback on the new proposal.

Your new playground

We will provide a new playground with new and improved equipment to meet the needs of the local community. The new playground will have a range of play opportunities and will better connect the space between the sports field, the existing carpark, and the plenty river trail.

The new playground will include:

  • A swing set with a birds nest swing seat, strap seat and a toddler seat. The swing will be connected to the footpath with rubber soft fall.
  • Play equipment with slides, vertical rock wall and junior play panel
  • A pod spinner
  • A sliding pole
  • An explorer climbing web net.

Have a look at the concept design and let us know what you think.

Thank you

Thanks for your feedback on the new playground design at Partingtons Flat Reserve. Feedback is now closed.