Banyule's Public Realm Strategy is a plan to make our public spaces better. It's the first Strategy of its kind in Banyule, and will help us to create great public spaces that are more enjoyable and functional, help to boost community wellbeing and economic development, and improve our overall quality of life.

Our Public Realm Strategy is a road map for our public areas. It will tell us how we want these places to be, the things we need to do to deliver, and the coordination needed from Council teams to be strategic and spend wisely to create spaces that everyone can enjoy.

The Public Realm Strategy is important for creating vibrant and inclusive communities because public spaces are not just parks and streets – they're places for gathering, connecting, participating with others and with our surroundings.

Strategy Objectives

The objectives of the Public Realm Strategy are informed by the six themes in our Community Vision 2041.

Public realm that supports a safe, healthy, vibrant and connected community where people of all ages, gender and life stages can enjoy; that are diverse and inclusive, so the community feel valued and encouraged. This includes incorporating Wurundjeri story telling in consultation with Elders.

Create progressive and innovative public realm that protects, enhances and increases the health and diversity of our natural environment, and plays an active role in achieving environmental sustainability and climate resilience.

Well planned, sustainable and liveable public realm that caters for all our current and emerging communities, where our local character and environment is protected and enhanced.

Affordable, sustainable, evenly distributed, safe and accessible public realm infrastructure for all ages and abilities and designed to provide meaningful experiences and connections.

Public realm that supports a thriving and resilient local and integrated economy that encourages, supports and advocates for a diverse range of businesses and entrepreneurship.

Public realm that is supported by a responsive, innovative and engaged Council that has the trust of our community through demonstrated best practice governance, is financially sustainable, and advocates on community priorities and aspirations.

Strategy Drivers

The drivers are key considerations embedded into the Strategy that influence the public realm:

Council is committed to assist to promote, protect and preserve their identity and culture, and supports the rights of the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung people, the Traditional Custodians of this land, to provide advice and participate in Council planning and decision making.

The Public Realm Strategy works to support community members of all genders. To promote gender equality through gender-sensitive design in public spaces and implement safe, accessible, functional and inclusive public spaces that create a sense of place in Banyule.

Universal Design considers the diverse needs of our community. It recognises our older population, caregivers with prams, those who rely on shopping trolleys, culturally and linguistically diverse individuals and our spaces that accommodate a multitude of people.

Community safety is about creating spaces in Banyule where everyone, regardless of gender, age, ability, background, or circumstance, can reside, work, or visit without fear, harm, or injury. This commitment extends to reducing and preventing crime while fostering a sense of safety through strong, inclusive, and tightly-knit communities.

For the Banyule community, sustainably designed environments benefit human and environmental health, and often include social and economic benefits. Council is committed to creating an environmentally sustainable city.

Biodiversity simply refers to the diversity of living things and should be protected, as all forms of life rely on healthy, functioning natural systems. Protecting and enhancing biodiversity is an important component in achieving our Council Plan’s vision of ‘a green, sustainable and vibrant place for a healthy, connected and inclusive community.’