Parking management is a challenge faced by Council.

Banyule residents consider traffic and car parking key issues in their local areas. Providing more on-street and off-street parking, however, can be problematic as it can increase traffic and congestion around activity centres, schools and key destinations. As many people are aware, there are already streets in Banyule with insufficient road space to accommodate traffic flow and on-street parking.

The Draft Banyule Residential Parking Permit Policy 2022 (BRPPP) updates and replaces the Banyule Residential Parking Permit Policy 2016-2020.

Its purpose is to enable reasonable and equitable access to residential on-street public parking for residents and their visitors, while preserving access for all other road users.

Proposed changes

As part of the update, we propose change in three key areas of the Residential Parking Permit Policy; including:

  • A reduction in the maximum number of parking permits issued per dwelling from four to three. This is required because of increased demand for permits due to population growth and so that everyone that is eligible for a permit has an opportunity to find a place to park.
  • We are joining three of the smaller parking areas in Ivanhoe. Areas 59, 60 and 61 will merge to form a new Area 60 to provide more opportunities for resident and visitor parking.
  • Clarification of eligibility criteria, this includes removing the word ‘lot’ and replacing with a clearer definition of who is eligible to apply for a parking permit.

What we have done

We have reviewed the existing BRPPP 2016-2020 and considered a number of elements that have changed the demand for parking within the municipality including:

Climate change: In Banyule, automotive emissions contribute to 13% of all emissions. Zero emissions transport is a key priority for Council through our Council Plan 2021-2025 and the Community Climate Action Plan 2020. Transitioning to zero emissions transport will require a major shift to active and public transport use.

Population: Banyule is changing and expanding to accommodate an increasing number of residents. Increased housing density, if not managed properly, can lead to more cars and traffic in the municipality.

Parking management: Providing additional on-street and off-street parking is problematic as it increases traffic movement around activity centres, schools and key destinations, adding to increased congestion in these areas. There are many streets in Banyule where there is insufficient road space to accommodate traffic flow and on-street parking.

The review process has also considered:

  • Resident feedback on the existing permit policy and the scheme’s operation
  • Council’s strategic priorities for community, climate action and sustainable transport
  • Carparking documentation and benchmarking against other local government areas.

The draft BRPPP 2022 positions Banyule as a city with accessible, sustainable and active communities where there is fair and equitable access to local parking.

Thank you

Thanks for your feedback on the proposed changes for the Residential Parking Permit Policy. Feedback is now closed.

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