About the project

Redmond Court Wetland Reserve sits at the south side of College View residential development, Bundoora, south of Parade College, and is approximately 1 km east of Darebin Creek.

The Wetland was constructed in circa 2001 as part of the College View residential development. Covering a total area of 1.2 hectares, the wetland treats stormwater runoff from a 54.8 hectare catchment including the Parade College school grounds.

The College View Estate residents value the wetland amenity but have expressed a desire for a portion of the land occupied by the wetland to be made available for recreational activities as open space. This was the key driver for Council to review potential options for the space.

Redmond Court Wetland Reserve is due for an upgrade to fix current functional issues. The project aims to improve our waterways and refresh the parkland for all community members.

The key feature for the wetland upgrades is reducing the size of the wetland and creating more passive open space, including more lawn area, for the community at the reserve.

The construction of the wetland component is scheduled for this coming summer with the open space upgrades scheduled to occur at the same time if budget permits or in the financial year of 2022-23 or beyond.

Concept plans

Concept plans

Check out the Redmond Court Wetland Reserve draft concept design.

What we have done

Community feedback over the years has suggested the community value the function of the wetland however, there is a desire for improved amenity and provision of more useably public open space.

We engaged a consultant to assess the feasibility of converting part of the existing Redmond Court wetland into an open space suitable for public passive recreation. The intention of the proposed works is to retain the function of the wetland while improving the amenity for the surrounding community.

This study identified that it is feasible to have a floating wetland and provide a large area of public open space if a portion the public open space can be used for water retention in storm events.

The design for the wetland component can not be altered, as it has been designed by a team of expert engineers that ensure it will work correctly and improve water quality

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