Social Infrastructure Framework

As our infrastructure ages, we need to find better ways to get the best use of our services and buildings so that they can serve us into the future.

The draft Social Infrastructure Framework (formerly the Community Services & Infrastructure Framework) seeks to create lasting benefits by delivering community services and buildings that unlock potential, support multiple uses, enable social and economic growth and prioritise the environment.

We’re planning now to meet the future needs of our changing community.

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To support us to meet the current and future service needs of our communities, these benchmarks have been identified to make sure our community services and buildings reach their potential.

Benchmarks to enhance outcomes


Banyule deliver services including the Maternal and Child Health and Immunisation, and life stages services including Early Childhood Services, Youth Services, and programs for older adults.

We also have community buildings which are used for a range of other activities. Many are leased to organisations who deliver a variety of health, wellbeing, education or support programs for the community. Other buildings are used by groups and individuals for social, recreation, sports and interest-based activities.

Community buildings include:

  • Early years
  • Youth space
  • Community meeting and program space
  • Arts and culture
  • Libraries
  • Aquatic and leisure
  • Indoor sports and recreation
  • Outdoor sports and recreation
  • Community partnerships

We are committed to working alongside the community to deliver community buildings that are affordable, sustainable, equitably distributed across the municipality, and are safe and accessible for all.

Community Infrastructure Plan (CIP)

Alongside the SIF, we are developing a Community Infrastructure Plan (CIP). Guided by the Framework, the CIP will identify and prioritise Council’s future investment priority projects over the next 10-20 years.

The SIF and CIP link strongly with the six priority themes in the Council Plan 2021 - 2025 and the Community Vision:

  • Our inclusive and connected community
  • Our sustainable environment
  • Our Valued Community Assets and Facilities
  • Our well-built city
  • Our thriving local economy
  • Our trusted and responsive Leadership

In addition, both documents are informed by findings from deliberative engagement and consultation that took place in 2021 for the development of Banyule's Community Vision 2041 and Council Plan 2021-2025. Key strategies identified by community at the time were:

  • Spend more on fixing existing infrastructure rather than building new
  • Borrow less to build new infrastructure
  • Find efficiencies to reduce costs
  • Fully utilise existing assets

These strategies guide the direction and development of the SIF and CIP.