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In 2018, we developed a 4-year Towards Zero Waste Management Plan 2018-23 with a 10-year Vision focused on achieving change within our community. This plan is ending and we want to develop a new 4-year plan to help us deliver the 10-year Vision and put in place recent legislative changes.

To achieve the 10-year Vision, we aim to:

  • provide a roadmap / workplan for the Waste Management Team for the next 4 years
  • inform the community of upcoming changes to waste services
  • act on recent legislative changes set out by the Victorian Government.

It is essential that the community play a key part in developing the revised plan and roadmap for the next four years in waste.

Get Involved

Are you interested in the future of waste at Banyule?

Get involved and learn more about the changes to waste and have your say on future waste priorities.

There are a few ways to get involved:

Community forums

In-person Trash Talk sessions - community forums. Come along and hear about our plans for waste at Banyule.

Forum participants can expect to be involved in conversations and activities that relate to:

  • development of the new 4-year Towards Zero Waste Management Plan
  • recent legislative changes to waste reduction
  • actions that Council could deliver to reduce future waste

Registration is essential.


  • Complete the survey from 17 April – 4 June

The survey helps inform Council on the waste management knowledge, habits, service priorities and expectations of the Banyule community. 2,500 surveys will be sent to randomly selected households across Banyule, although all community members are encouraged to have their say by completing the online survey on Shaping Banyule.


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