From April to June 2023, over 1000 people provided feedback through an online and paper survey sent to over 3,000 randomly selected households across Banyule.

Responses have helped us to understand what the community knows about waste management, as well as community habits and expectations for future waste priorities. And we now have a draft Towards Zero Waste Management Plan for you to view!

Findings and data

Community Engagement 2023

Click here to view the Consultation Summary Report, watch the recording of the information sessions where we spoke about the results or take a look at the key findings below.

  • Respondents suggest the following topics for future waste education sessions: general waste education (do’s and don’ts for each bin), waste reduction, food waste management and waste processing (what happens to my waste after it’s collected).
  • There were high satisfaction levels amongst respondents across all three waste collection services, with 89% of respondents either very satisfied or satisfied with their recyclables bin service, 83% with their rubbish bin and 82% with their FOGO bin.
  • 92% of respondents indicated strong support for contamination management.
  • 90% of respondents had high awareness of the Waste Recovery Centre.
    • Items with the highest awareness are paper / cardboard (80%) and e-waste (80%).
    • Items with the lowest awareness were tyres (54%) and mattresses (59%).


History of the Plan

In 2018, we developed a 4-year Towards Zero Waste Management Plan 2018-23 with a 10-year Vision to achieve positive change in our community. The 4-year Plan is ending and we've developed a new plan to deliver the 10-year Vision and put recent legislative changes in place.

To achieve the 10-year Vision, we aim to:

  • provide a roadmap / workplan for the Waste Management Team over the next 4 years
  • inform the community of upcoming changes to waste services
  • act on recent legislative changes set by the Victorian Government.

It is essential that the community play a key part in developing the new plan and roadmap for the next four years in waste.