What is the Urban Food Strategy?

In partnership with Sustain: The Australian Food Network, Council worked with the community to develop Banyule’s first
Urban Food Strategy, a blueprint for creating, celebrating and enhancing Banyule’s food systems to ensure they are healthy, sustainable, equitable, inclusive and accessible.

The ‘food system’ is everything that happens from farm to plate - the web of people, processes and interactions involved in growing, processing, distributing, selling and disposing of our food. It affects human and environmental health in many ways.

From October 2022 to August 2023, over 650 people shared their thoughts, experiences, challenges and barriers with, and aspirations for, Banyule’s food systems. These voices have helped shape the Strategy and Action Plan.

Stage 2 Engagement

What you told us

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the Urban Food Strategy and Action Plan in July 2023.

Some of the things we heard from you on the draft documents include:

  • There's a high level of support for the Strategy's five themes
  • 79% of respondents agree that the Strategy's Vision reflects the aspirations and opportunities for Banyule's future food systems
  • 70% of respondents agree that the Strategy demonstrates creating, celebrating and enhancing our food systems
  • The Strategy needs to be reordered to make it flow better
  • The Strategy needs to be clearer about the problem Council is trying to address
  • Food insecurity is a key concern across the Banyule community and should be separated from urban agriculture
  • Community education and connection are important for strengthening food security and sustainability.

This feedback has been considered and is reflected in the updated Strategy and Action Plan, which were adopted by Council on 25 September 2023.

To view the minutes from the 25 September Council Meeting, go to Council's website.

Stage 1 Engagement

What you told us

Community participation during engagement activities from October 2022 to March 2023 resulted in a number of interesting findings including:

  • 1 in 5 people experience some level of food insecurity
  • There is a 3 to 1 ratio of unhealthy food outlets, compared to healthy food outlets, in Banyule.

Other high level data is presented below, or check out the full findings report.

Ways that residents access food
Barriers to people accessing and choosing healthy food options
Community Priorities


Between September 2022 and March 2023, an extensive consultation process took place in Banyule. A diverse range of stakeholders, residents and Council staff were engaged to develop a preliminary community vision for Banyule’s urban food system. Over 650 people were engaged during this time including:

  • 194 people attended community pop-ups
  • 66 people attended kitchen table talks
  • 304 community and staff completed online surveys
  • 40 people attended workshops
  • 62 community and staff attended focus groups.

A full analysis of participants' responses can be found in the findings report.

In addition, 35 people provided feedback in July 2023 during exhibition of the draft Strategy and Action Plan.