We know that walking and bike riding offer many health, wellbeing, environmental and economic benefits but there are barriers which stop many people from making walking and bike riding their first choice.

Help us understand where conditions for walking and bike riding in Banyule can be improved. Share your ideas and tell us how our network can be made safer for people of all ages and abilities until 25 August 2024.

Get involved

Take a look at the walking and bike riding map below and share your thoughts!

1. Click on the information markers and find out about:

    • Locations we are already advocating for improvements
    • Locations planned for improvements as part of our Capital Works Program
    • Locations you've told us need to be improved.

2. Drop a marker and tell us if we've missed anything that needs improving.

    • Click on the 'Add Marker' button
    • Drop the marker in the location of choice or search for a location using the search field.
    • Answer the short survey and share your ideas.

Map Key

This image lists the Map Categories

Please note: Red markers displayed on the map identify community feedback on bike riding and walking.

Tell us what is missing


The community have already told us, during previous consultation (including Bike Spot 2020 and 2023 data), how we can improve walking and bike riding in Banyule. All of these things have helped to develop the following plans, policies and strategies:

  • Banyule Walking Strategy 2017
  • Banyule Bicycle Strategy and Action Plan 2022
  • Hurstbridge Rail Corridor Feasibility Study 2022
  • Safe Access Audits – Neighbourhood Activity Centres 2019-2022

We've considered this feedback and it now forms the basis of many of the projects Council is undertaking in its Capital Works Program or is advocating for through its Transport Advocacy Program.

This consultation will strengthen our knowledge of the community’s needs and confirm work Council is currently undertaking.