Developing a vision for Watsonia

In 2014 Council worked with the local community and government representatives to develop the Picture Watsonia document. This document set a clear vision for Watsonia's main shopping street, the railway station and car park.

We worked with the North East Link Authority and others to plan for the car park extension. Funds were allocated for the design and construction in the 2018/19 budget.

Consultation and analysis

We asked for your help to shape what the carpark extension would look and feel like and asked for feedback on the draft designs.

Following the consultation phase we analysed the consultation findings, finalised the designs and set a specific timeline for the construction.


Construction works are now complete.

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Why more car parking?

Our objective

One of the objectives of Picture Watsonia is to increase the number of car parking bays to better meet the needs of the local community. The design of the new car park also creates future opportunities to create better cycling and pedestrian paths and more leafy open space.

What's involved?

What we did

The project includesd:

  • extending the existing car park, westward towards High Street, to create over 40 additional car parking spaces.
  • Landscaping the site with native plants
  • Improved lighting

This project involved consultation about the designs as well as the actual construction of the new carparks.