Banyule is fortunate to have many conservation areas, wildlife corridors and green open spaces. To ensure these areas are maintained we control weeds to allow for more desirable species to grow.

The Weed Management Strategy is designed to provide a strategic framework for effective weed management by:

  • Defining ‘what is a weed’ to current industry standards, to inform the list of weeds in Banyule,
  • Using an industry approved weed risk matrix to determine Banyule’s highest priority weeds,
  • Determining what the highest priority weeds are for different settings; natural reserve, constructed open spaces, garden beds, berry and stormwater and new and emerging; and
  • Developing action plans for Banyule’s 10 highest threat weeds.

The strategy will be to be reviewed every four years and priorities updated based on outcomes. We will use this strategy to inform our approach to weed management and use the current priority list of weeds to monitor change.

The Weed Management Strategy directly aligns with our Council Plan objective of “protect and enhance our natural environment”.

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Our approach

Using our existing strategy, knowledge from expertise within Council and community, we have engaged consultants to draft a Weed Management Strategy for the next five years. The draft Weed Management Strategy aims to clearly define the highest priority weeds for different settings, to allow our staff to prioritise weed management within Banyule.

We are now seeking your input on the draft Weed Management Strategy and would like to know if you agree with:

  • The top 10 weeds in each different setting
  • The comprehensive list of weeds in Banyule

We would also like to understand the community’s expectations on weed management and weed management techniques you would like Council to explore.

Have your say

Thank you for your feedback on the draft Weed Management Strategy and how we manage weeds in Banyule. Feedback is now closed.