Our new Plan

We are thrilled to present our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Plan (ATSI) 2017-2021. We have developed this plan which details the goals and strategies for enhancing outcomes for our Indigenous community over the next four years and is guided by the Inclusion, Access and Equity Framework 2017-2021.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Plan (ATSI) 2017-2021 was adopted by Council on 4 June 2018.

Developing the Plan

Our new Plan has been developed through three phases of consultation with the community, we are now up to phase 3:

  1. Creating a vision for the Plan
  2. Setting Priorities and Key directions
  3. Public Exhibition of draft plan

Achievements 2014-2017

Each year we continue to build on our successes and partnerships for implementing the Plan. Throughout 2014-2017 we have worked closely with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee who advise Council on undertaking projects and identifying new and emerging issues and opportunities. Take a look at the below Achievements Reports for examples of the collaborative work undertaken.