The Domestic Animal Management Plan sets out how we manage dogs and cats. It aims to promote responsible pet ownership and the welfare of cats and dogs in the community, whilst protecting the community and environment from nuisance cats and dogs.

Why is this project important?

  • To encourage responsible pet ownership to minimise the risk of dog attacks on people and animals.
  • To encourage pet owners to register their dogs and cats so their animal can be easily identified.
  • For Council to identify dangerous dogs, menacing dogs and restricted breed dogs to keep the community safe.
  • To investigate ways to reduce the chance for dogs and cats to create a nuisance.
  • To review ideas to prevent over-population and high euthanasia rates of domestic animals.
  • To help pet owners to take responsibility for their animal’s behaviour.

Our Approach

We have developed a new four- year Domestic Animal Management Plan (DAMP) 2022-2026 which will set rules for managing dogs and cats and help the community play their part as responsible pet owners. It will also direct how Council will invest its time and resources, and how we will support the management of domestic animals and the safety and wellbeing of the wider community.