Do you walk in Banyule? Are you interested in knowing more about walking? Did you know that Banyule has some great and unique walking routes for you to explore?

For most of us, walking is a very accessible form of transport and is part of each journey we make.

The health benefits of walking are well documented and include benefits for both physical and mental well being. However, walking also has economic and environmental benefits. It is the cheapest and most space efficient mode of transport and has the least amount of negative environmental impacts.

"People walking in and around their neighborhoods is one of the best markers of a healthy, vibrant community." (VicHealth & Victoria Walks)

Council is committed to encouraging walking by providing safe and pleasant walking paths along with connectivity between walking routes and other modes of transport.

Planning for walkability

To encourage more people to walk more often and for walking to become the preferred transport mode on short trips, we need a co-ordinated, consistent and integrated approach to the planning and provision of pedestrian facilities and promotion of walking as a transport mode.

To capture our approach we are developing a Banyule Walking Strategy. This will be our first Walking Strategy and will incorporate the principles of Healthy by Design. Healthy by Design is a Heart Foundation resource which assists local governments to design built environments which promote healthy and active communities.

To help shape a Walking Strategy that is the right fit for our community, we would love to hear your thoughts on walking in Banyule.

We would like to hear about walking journeys that you love to make. What makes them special? What walking journeys you would like to be able to make but currently can't and what would make a difference to you being able to?

How to get involved

There are two different ways you can get involved and we encourage you do one or both:

  1. Getting creative - submit your response in any form you like, such as photographs, graphics, prose or written response
  2. Sharing your vision - let us know what you think a more walkable Banyule would look like?

If you are 'getting creative' please submit your responses via email to or post to Transport Planning,

PO Box 94, Greensborough VIC 3088 by Friday 13th April 2018.

To 'Share your vision' please complete the form below.

All submissions in 'Getting creative' will go into a draw to win an 'active transport related' prize! The lucky winner will be notified by Tuesday 1st May 2018.

What is your vision for walking in Banyule

What do you think a more walkable Banyule would look like?

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23 May, 2018

jthom says:

“Footpaths and laneways maintained for all abilities to enjoy safely: open laneways to increase permeability, encourage residents to upkeep”

14 May, 2018

Cookie says:

“Promote the trails! We see very few people on the Plenty Trail on weekends. Improve public health, tourism, etc. get more people out walking”

14 May, 2018

Cookie says:

“Signs with maps showing paths/trails at main points of entry to Plenty & Yarra trail. ”

14 May, 2018

Cookie says:

“Clear directional/location signage e.g. where Plenty meets Yarra trail & along Yarra trail towards Heidelberg where path splits.”

14 May, 2018

Cookie says:

“Signage reminding cyclists to keep to a specified speed and to give way to walkers & warn them of their approach, on shared paths. ”

14 May, 2018

Cookie says:

“The Plenty River Trail is a good walk, but there are no public toilets between Monty and Heidelberg. 2 hours can be a bit of a stretch! ”

14 May, 2018

Cookie says:

“Maps of walks in Banyule that indicate walking tracks and distances, and linkages with trails into Nillumbik.”

14 May, 2018

Cookie says:

“Safe crossing points on main roads e.g. safety islands at stairways leading up from ovals at Montmorency near Davey Street. ”

14 May, 2018

Cookie says:

“Safe paths and crossing points on busy roads e.g. safe path on railway side of Para Road between Greensborough rlwy station and Sherbourne”

9 May, 2018

Barb Hilling says:

“Make footpaths more accessible by educating the community about keeping footpaths clear. Please clean up the path outside Macleod Railway st”

8 April, 2018

sally warner says:

“existing tracks joined better with linking tracks. eg a bridge across the yarra so that we can access other parks”

29 March, 2018

Pam Rowley says:

“Create paths suitable for walkers through parks and along streets, by removing concrete and replacing with soft materials. No more concrete!”