Thank you for your comments. Your feedback helped us finalise the Banyule Walking Strategy which was adopted by Council on Monday 10 December 2018.

Why walking matters

For most of us, walking is a very accessible form of transport and is part of each journey we make.

The health benefits of walking are well documented and include benefits for both physical and mental well being as well as economic and environmental benefits. It is the cheapest and most space efficient mode of transport and has the least amount of negative environmental impacts.

"People walking in and around their neighborhoods is one of the best markers of a healthy, vibrant community." (VicHealth & Victoria Walks)

The Banyule Walking Strategy has been developed using a comprehensive consultation and research process, including alignment with the International Charter for Walking, signed by Council in 2016, the Heart Foundation’s Healthy by Design Principles and the Banyule Integrated Transport Plan (BITP).

Draft Walking Strategy

Objectives, strategies and actions

The Banyule Walking Strategy is linked to our overall Integrated Transport Plan which includes the following Strategic Direction to increase walking.

To create a consistent and strategic approach to managing walking throughout the municipality and creating a culture where people choose to walk’

Objectives and strategies

The strategy is made of up objectives, strategies and actions that set out how we will assist the community in participating in more walking activity.


  • Create a comprehensive walking network
  • Make it safer, easier and more comfortable to walk throughout Banyule
  • Support a walking culture in Banyule


  • Increase the opportunities for recreational walking in Banyule
  • Develop a Principal Pedestrian Network to support walking as a preferred mode of transport for short trips
  • Prioritise improvements to the pedestrian environment within a 1km walking catchment
  • Continue to support and expand the Safe Routes to School program
  • Improve the walking experience throughout Banyule
  • Promote a walking culture throughout Banyule

A range of specific actions are also listed that show what will happen to implement the strategies.


The draft Banyule Walking Strategy was developed with a Project Working Group and a wider external Reference Group.

Throughout March and June this year you participated in a consultation program that focused on the theme of current walking journeys – what makes them special; and future walking journeys – how to remove the barriers. Feedback was sort on Shaping Banyule , through advisory group discussion and through postcard response.

The focus of the Walking Strategy is to address your concerns and to enable and encourage more walking activity.

Your concerns were:

  • Pedestrian accessibility in Heidelberg, Ivanhoe and Greensborough Activity Centre
  • Safety around school zones
  • Connectivity between the footpath and shared path (recreational) networks
  • North East Link and pedestrian connectivity
  • Steep topography
  • Mitigating conflict on shared paths
  • Missing recreational and key strategic links
  • Pedestrian Operated Signals safety and driver awareness

What we heard from you

We asked for your suggestions on improving walking opportunities locally. Below is the feedback you gave.

15 June, 2018

Deborahgash says:

“Rosehill Rd and Bonds Rd have NO footpaths to walk on. Too dangerous on road. I would love to walk to Montmorency to keep fit and save fuel ”

11 June, 2018

Josie says:

“Footpaths are too narrow, steep, often broken & crossing major roads is a nightmare. Focus on everyday waling not just the dedicated tracks”

6 June, 2018

Leanne says:

“Mobile phones not to be used on walking tracks and in parks wherever possible. ”

23 May, 2018

jthom says:

“Footpaths and laneways maintained for all abilities to enjoy safely: open laneways to increase permeability, encourage residents to upkeep”

14 May, 2018

Cookie says:

“Promote the trails! We see very few people on the Plenty Trail on weekends. Improve public health, tourism, etc. get more people out walking”

14 May, 2018

Cookie says:

“Signs with maps showing paths/trails at main points of entry to Plenty & Yarra trail. ”

14 May, 2018

Cookie says:

“Clear directional/location signage e.g. where Plenty meets Yarra trail & along Yarra trail towards Heidelberg where path splits.”

14 May, 2018

Cookie says:

“Signage reminding cyclists to keep to a specified speed and to give way to walkers & warn them of their approach, on shared paths. ”

14 May, 2018

Cookie says:

“The Plenty River Trail is a good walk, but there are no public toilets between Monty and Heidelberg. 2 hours can be a bit of a stretch! ”

14 May, 2018

Cookie says:

“Maps of walks in Banyule that indicate walking tracks and distances, and linkages with trails into Nillumbik.”

14 May, 2018

Cookie says:

“Safe crossing points on main roads e.g. safety islands at stairways leading up from ovals at Montmorency near Davey Street. ”

14 May, 2018

Cookie says:

“Safe paths and crossing points on busy roads e.g. safe path on railway side of Para Road between Greensborough rlwy station and Sherbourne”