Climate change action

Climate Change is an important issue for Council. In December 2018 our Councillors unanimously recognised that urgent action is required across all three levels of government to tackle climate change. We are leading on behalf of our local community and have established a target of achieving carbon neutrality by 2028. The resolution also established an exciting new Climate Change Action Package.

The Climate Change Action Package will see additional funding for projects that will reduce Council’s emissions, such as energy efficiency measures and renewable energy. We will also explore the long term plan for Council and determine how we can provide greater support to the community.

Over the course of the year we will be consulting on a number of different actions, so keep an eye out!

We are now reviewing our Environment Grants program and need your help - let us know what you think.

Environment Grants

The Environment Grants were established in the mid 90's, to motivate the local community, ‘friends of’ and conservation groups to develop various environmental programs and projects that benefit the community.

The grants support projects within the areas of:

  • tackling climate change and achieving emissions reduction
  • the conservation of resources
  • reducing waste and pollution
  • maintaining and enhancing the natural environment
  • encouraging environmental stewardship

As a result of Council’s resolution, we are now reviewing the program to ensure the grants meet your expectations and address the barriers to environmental action from those who live, work or study in Banyule.

Have your say

Thank you for your comments. We will use your feedback to improve our Environmental Grants program. Consultation is now closed.

e.g. recycling, riding your bike or walking, water conservation, buying local etc.

In the community, who would benefit most from the Environment Grants?

(consider the whole process including the grant application process, your project management, delivering the project and grant acquittal)

(i.e. provide advice on projects, offer training on 'how to write grant applications', create more accessible grant guidelines etc)

What do you see as the most important environmental issue facing Banyule?

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.