Thank you for taking part in the consultation and providing your feedback. We have now finalised the Gambling Policy: Gambling Reduction and Harm Minimisation 2019-2022.


We know that gambling is a legal activity and in recent years gambling has become more common, with the ability to gamble anywhere anytime. We also know that gambling can be addictive and the cause of major harm to individuals and communities. In Banyule large amounts of money are lost due to gambling, with the majority of losses coming from Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs) commonly known as pokies. Nearly $56 million was lost on EGMs in Banyule during 2016/17. Learn more about by reading our background paper.

We are committed to reducing the harms associated with gambling and have created our Draft Gambling Policy to help do this. We would love to hear your thoughts on what the policy should include.

About the Policy

The Policy Statement defines how we will work to minimise harms associated with gambling losses. The policy includes a range of different types of gambling including sports betting, online gambling and electronic poker machines. It guides how Council will respond to applications for new gambling venues, additional electronic gaming machines and transfer of electronic gaming machines between venues both within Banyule and neighbouring suburbs. It also guides how Council will use existing resources to limit exposure to gambling advertising and gambling access. The Policy Statement also guides our response to other gambling related matters.

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