Thank you for your feedback on the Draft Heritage Themes for Banyule. Your comments have contributed to the final Thematic Environmental History Report which was adopted by Council on 29 October 2018.

The Heritage Themes provide a framework which will assist the Heritage Study beginning in 2019.


Heritage themes allow us to better understand our local history and to assess the significance of local places that are important to our heritage.

We have prepared a report that sets out key heritage themes for Banyule. These themes are documented in the Banyule Thematic Environmental History.

The report examines 12 key themes in Banyule's history.

  1. Aboriginal Country
  2. Settling on the land
  3. Transport and communication
  4. Developing industries
  5. Suburban development
  6. Community and cultural life
  7. Recreation and sport
  8. Parks and gardens and the urban landscape
  9. Defence
  10. The artistic landscape
  11. Public health
  12. Conserving the waterways and bushland

The focus of the report is the key themes, it is not intended to be a comprehensive or chronological account of the municipality.

Identifying these heritage themes is a starting point that will support future heritage studies. Our local themes were adapted from Victoria's Framework of Historical Themes developed by Heritage Victoria in 2010.

What we are doing

Stage 1 - Heritage Themes to provide a framework to better understand the historical context of heritage places in Banyule and to assess their significance.

Stage 2 - Heritage Study to identify places of heritage significance and provide planning recommendations for their statutory protection.

Stage 3 - Planning Scheme Amendment to apply the heritage overlay to places assessed as having heritage significance in the Heritage Study.