What we are doing

We have recently been working with a range of stakeholders to develop a DRAFT Ivanhoe Parking Plan.

The Plan is designed to meet the needs of local residents, traders and visitors while also supporting the social, environmental and economic needs of our thriving community.

Ivanhoe is experiencing significant growth in residential population, along with an increase in multi-unit housing particularly, within the Ivanhoe Activity Centre. Additionally, there is an increasing café and dining presence, two supermarkets, a large and developing civic centre including a library, schools and two train stations. Parking provisions needs to be carefully managed to ensure that Ivanhoe remains a great place to live, a viable place to run a business and an attractive destination for visitors into the future.

To make sure we capture the views of the community we have completed a Consultation Summary Paper which is available to download below. A set of final recommendations has also been developed and will be considered by Council along with the consultation summary paper at its public meeting on 30 April 2018.

Key facts & stats

  • There are around 2000 car parking spaces in the commercial centre of the Ivanhoe Activity Centre
  • Of these 30% are unrestricted or have a long stay parking restriction (over 4P)
  • There are around 140 paid parking spaces
  • The highest demand for parking occurs around the Ivanhoe Railway Station and along Upper Heidelberg Road through the shopping strip
  • In the residential areas surrounding the Ivanhoe Activity Centre, the majority of parking is unrestricted.

The Plan

The DRAFT Ivanhoe Parking Plan has been developed with consideration to the current car parking supply, both on-street and off-street, in the Ivanhoe Activity Centre and the current and future demand for available parking spaces.

Please read over the DRAFT Ivanhoe Parking Plan for full details. The Plan contains 19 recommendations in total, please click here for a Summary of Key Findings & Recommendations.

Four of the key recommendations as follows:

  • Redistrubute the car parking supply to take pressure off the most in demand parking areas and increase turnover of parking by reducing allowed parking time periods.
  • Prepare a wayfinding strategy to maximise the use of off-street parking locations, by making it easier to find these locations.
  • Ensure that parking demands associated with new developments don't impact on publically available parking in surrounding streets.
  • Encourage sustainable transport use by promoting carshare schemes and requiring Green Travel Plans for new developments.

Share your views

This consultation is now closed. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback. We have completed a Consultation Summary Paper which documents the feedback response.