The Village Green, Macleod Park is used by many within the community, on a day-to-day basis and also for events including YouthFest and Movies on the Move. With its increasing use and popularity we have developed a master plan for its future identifying:

  • the opportunities and challenges surrounding the use of the Village Green, Macleod Park; and
  • a vision to enable Council to plan for it’s future improvement.

Master Plan Draft

The draft master plan is a birds eye view of the of the Village Green portion of Macleod Park with colours, patterns and numbers identifying existing features to retain and proposed features (either new or to replace existing).

The draft master plan must be reviewed in conjunction with the legend and the numbered explanations.

Numbered explanations and legend

Numbered explanations are listed based on location, north or south of the existing pathway connecting Macleod Station to the shops (Aberdeen Rd).


Upgrade existing public toilets.


New nectar producing native tree planting and future nature play area.


New themed picnic area and shelter next to Little Free Library.


Improvements to existing playground providing play options for a wider age range.


Remove picnic tables and reinstate lawn.


New public outdoor ping pong area.


New basketball half court.


New community space with seating and a feature Eucalypt. Potential for seating to be designed as functional art.


New footpath linking community space and shops (Aberdeen Rd).


New garden garden border to define irrigated lawn area.


Enhance gazebo as a public performance space (e.g. improve acoustics and allow for temporary backdrops).


New outdoor gym equipment for seniors with a mural backdrop (depicting flock of parrots) on the western most wall of the Macleod Pre-School and the Maternal Child Health Centre.


Improve path links from Rosanna Parklands to the Village Green.


New seating area created alongside Little Free Library


Lawn area upgraded and irrigated


Replace nearby picnic area and provide youth focused picnic area to accommodate two groups.


Retain and enhance wildlife corridors for parrots such as the endangered Swift Parrot.


Improve bicycle facilities and path links between Macleod Station and the Village Green in consultation with VicTrack.

Theme, concepts and inspiration

Images are for illustrative purposes only to assist with visualising the themes and concepts of the master plan. Image copyright is held by the respective image owners.