Project update

The design for Fell Reserve has been finalised and construction will start soon!

We did extensive consultation with the community and received feedback from seven community members for Fell Reserve through an online survey, phone calls and emails directly to our Open Space Planning Team. We used your comments to make changes to the proposed designs so that these playgrounds would better serve the community.

We heard what you said and some of the changes include:

Fell Reserve

  • The double swing was replaced by a triple swing, with the inclusion of a basket swing.
  • Inclusion of an extra bench.

Works at Fell Reserve will start on 25 November 2019.

Works for the remaining playgrounds are scheduled for 2020.

About the space

Fell Reserve, Greensborough is a local reserve conveniently located near three schools.

The reserve has a playground and half basketball court and many other features which has made it very popular with local families. This playground has served the community well for over 15 years and is now scheduled for renewal. We would like your feedback on the proposed designs so we can continue to provide a high quality playground experience.

Improving your playground

We are planning to replace the existing playground with new and improved equipment to meet your needs.

Proposed improvements include:

  • A playground with:
    • Two slides, one with easy access point for young children and a larger tube slide
    • One double swing (with a strap seat and a toddler seat)
    • One spinner
    • One see-saw rocker
    • A multi play structure with:
      • climbing wall, twist net, vertical hoop climber, scramble net, looped climber, shop counter, steering wheel, etc.
  • Upgrade to seating area
  • Upgrade to half basketball court with new netball ring.
Have a look at the proposed design and let us know what you think.

Have your say

Thank you for your feedback on the design concept of the proposed playground at Fell Reserve. Submission have now closed.

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