Project update

May 2020

After the designs for Gilmour Rise had been amended to incorporate your feedback, we commenced the pre-construction phase of development. However, during this stage an unforeseen issue with the proposed basket swing and underground services was discovered making it unsuitable to install the swing.

The design team at Banyule explored many different options to redesign the playground in order to accommodate the requests for toddler and regular swings. As a result, the monkey bars had to be removed to accommodate these.

The updated design still includes a new drinking fountain, seating, paths, a rocker and a main play unit with slide. Works will be underway shortly to rejuvenate the garden beds in the park with the addition of rock steppers and an ‘insect hotel’ that has been constructed by the Banyule Mens Shed.

January 2020

The design for Gilmour Rise Reserve has been finalised and construction will start soon!

We did consultation with the community and received feedback from 11 community members for Gilmour Rise Reserve through an online survey, phone calls and emails directly to our Open Space Planning Team. We used your comments to make changes to the proposed designs so that these playgrounds would better serve the community.

We heard what you said and some of the changes include:

  • Inclusion of a toddler swing set
Works at Gilmour Rise Reserve will start on 29 January 2020.

Works for the remaining playgrounds are scheduled for 2020.

About the space

Gilmour Rise Reserve is a small reserve located in Greensborough. The reserve is a corner reserve within an amphitheatre style setting. The existing playground has served the community well for the past years but this year it is scheduled for renewal. We would like your feedback on the proposed designs so we can continue to provide a high quality playground experience.

Improving your playground

We are planning to replace the existing playground with new and improved equipment to meet your needs, while creating a new playspace area to fit a new pendulum basket swing.

In addition to renewing the playground we will be improving accessibility, comfort and aesthetics with a new concrete path, new seating area, a drinking fountain and new gardens beds and planting.

Proposed improvements include:

  • A playground with a;
    • slide
    • monkey bar
    • shop counter
    • telescope
    • steering wheel
    • fireman's pole
    • scramble net
    • rock climbing wall
    • multiple platform decks
    • skillion roof to provide shade.
  • One spring rocker
  • One pendulum basket swing
  • New play space to fit the pendulum basket swing
  • New concrete path connecting the existing path to the playground
  • New seating area
  • New drinking fountain
  • New garden beds and planting

Have a look at the concept plan and let us know what you think!

Have your say

Thank you for your comments. Your feedback will help us finalise the design concept of the proposed playground at Gilmour Rise Reserve. Feedback is now closed.

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