About the space

Milford Reserve is a small reserve located in Rosanna. The playground is popular with families. This playground has served the community well for many years and is now scheduled for renewal. We would like your feedback on the proposed designs so we can continue to provide a high quality playground experience.

Improving your playground

We are planning to replace the existing playground with new and improved equipment to meet your needs.

Proposed improvements include:

  • Reshaping of the playground area
  • New seating and picnic areas
  • A new path to improve accessibility within and around the playground.

‘The Magic Garden Play Space’

We are planning to divide the play equipment in three play stations, each one themed with a fruit tree.

  • The 'Apricot' Play Station will offer a playground with a slide, a spring rocker and three apricot trees will be planted.
  • The 'Lemon' Play Station will offer a rotating equipment/spinner, a see saw rocker and a lemon tree will be planted.
  • The 'Feijoa' Play Station will offer a basket swing, three Feijoa trees and some rosemary will be planted.

Have a look at the proposed design and let us know what you think.

Have your say

Thank you for your feedback on the design concept of the proposed playground at Milford Reserve. Submission have now closed.

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