Project Update

Council has developed a draft Public Art Policy, as our former Public Art Strategy expired in 2015. The new Policy will guide the approach we use and the partners we work with (such as developers, traders, community groups and artists) to deliver public art in Banyule. Public art can educate and enlighten us. It can illuminate an aspect of the history of a place, or it may tell us something about the use or character of an area, or express a community's future aspirations for a place.

Public art plays a significant role in engaging people in meaningful and culturally active lives and supports the delivery of the Cultural Outcomes in our Arts and Culture Strategic Plan 2017-2021:

  1. Stimulating creativity
  2. Enriching daily life through high quality artistic experiences
  3. Offering new insights, ideas and knowledge
  4. Generating a sense of belonging, identity and community
  5. Providing an appreciation for diversity and different life experiences

What we did?

We have done extensive consultation with the community, stakeholders and Council departments. We consulted with eight internal departments who are involved in public art decisions and programs in Banyule. We also worked closely with our Arts and Culture Advisory Committee and received feedback from over 80 residents, artists and community members through Shaping Banyule and at a Public Art Community Forum.

You told us that public art is important and there are many uses for it in Banyule:

  • Tell stories of our people and communities
  • Develop the work of our artists and creative sector
  • Beautify our public spaces and buildings
  • Strengthen local identity and character
  • Encourage reflection, opinions, expression of ideas or aspirations
  • Reflect the diversity and breadth of our community

We used your comments, sector benchmarking and research to develop the draft Public Art Policy 2020 - 2023.

Now we want to know, did we get it right?

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Thank you for your comments on the draft Public Art Policy 2020 - 2023. Feedback is now closed.

Key policy focus areas

Advocacy and Engagement

Our approach to working with interested parties to enable a strong culture of public art within Banyule and support successful outcomes.

  • Community
  • Private Development
  • North East Link

Council Managed Program

Ways in which we will manage delivery of our own public art program, initiatives and investments.

  • Commissioned public art
  • Integrated public art
  • Temporary public art
  • Donations

Action plan areas

  • Review Council’s budgetary commitment to commissioning and maintaining public art in Banyule.
  • Develop a public art factsheet, for use by community groups, private developers and internal Council departments, providing information about what to consider, and how to approach and manage successful public art projects in Banyule.
  • Explore the potential for establishing specific guidelines for private developers in relation to public art – which may form part of the planning permit process, and may include public art as an eligible community benefit as part of Council’s Developer Contribution Plan.
  • Establish an internal process to maximise opportunities for integrating public art and/or creative elements into the design and implementation of major civic projects such as Olympic Park, Ford Park, and Bellfield Masterplan developments.
  • Actively engage with North East Link to ensure good decision making processes - aligned to the principles of this policy - when it comes to public art outcomes and the urban design of this infrastructure project.
  • Catalogue and map all existing works of public art in Banyule and establish avenues to promote and celebrate this.

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.

What the policy will do

Our aim is to develop a policy that captures the role public art plays in achieving our five Cultural Outcomes and establishes guidelines for the creation and management of public art within Banyule.

This policy will address three key areas:

1. Commissioned works

  • Contemporary, three-dimensional, long-term artworks, with a focus on artistic excellence, that will form part of the Banyule Art Collection.
  • Cultural development projects with both temporary and long-term public art outcomes, initiated by Council or the Community.

2. Community initiated projects

  • Guidelines for Banyule's Trader Associations, Schools, Neighbourhood Houses, Community Groups and others considering art projects within the public realm.

3. Developers and City Planning

  • Guidance for Council's role in major developments and infrastructure projects that incorporate public art. This includes projects required by Council or initiated by developers.
  • Consideration of public art as part of Council's planning for open spaces, recreational and other community facilities.