What is the Road Management Plan?

Council’s Road Management Plan is made up of two sections, the Road Management Plan 2017 - 2021 and the Road Register 2017.

The Road Management Plan establishes a management system for Council to inspect, maintain and repair its public roads based on policy and operational objectives, having regard to available resources.

It also sets the relevant level of service in relation to duties in the performance of those road management functions. The key elements of the Road Management Plan are:

  • The Register of Public Local Roads for which Council is responsible
  • The systems and procedures that Council uses to manage maintenance and renewals of its public road network
  • Schedules of maintenance standards used by Council.

How was the Plan developed?

The Road Management Plan was developed in 3 stages.

  • Draft Plan for Public Submissions - commencing on 9 May 2017 and concluding on 5 June 2017.
  • Council considers Submissions
  • Final Road Management Plan presented to Council for endorsement on 17 July 2017.