Thank you for taking part in stage 1 of the consultation and providing your feedback. We are currently analysing your feedback and identifying additional smoke free areas in Banyule. Stage 2 consultation will commence in August 2018.

What we are doing

We are committed to reducing the health impact of tobacco on the community and providing great public and open spaces.

In August 2017 changes to the Tobacco Act meant that smoking was banned in outdoor dining areas in Victoria. We have had feedback from the community that other areas should also be smoke free so we are now investigating which other places should be considered.

What's happened so far?

In 2013 we adopted the Banyule Smoke free Outdoor Areas Policy. The goal of the policy is to help improve the health of the community by limiting their exposure to second-hand smoke and to reduce butt litter. To achieve this goal a range of public spaces were made smoke free zones including the Greensborough Walk and Town Square; children’s playgrounds; at all events run or sponsored by us; and within 10m of council owned building entrances where smoke free signs are displayed.

Since 2013 in Victoria, the Tobacco Act has progressed and there are now many more areas where smoking is not permitted including children’s playgrounds, junior sporting matches, outside certain building entrances and most recently outdoor dining areas.

This means that we are now able to look at other outdoor areas in Banyule that should be smoke free and review our smoke free policy.


E-cigarettes - Are devices that heat and vaporise a liquid that is then inhaled, simulating the act of smoking.

Second hand smoke - Also called passive smoking, second hand smoke is tobacco smoke that is exhaled by smokers or is given off by burning tobacco and is inhaled by people nearby.

Smoke free area – where smoking is not permitted