What next for Greensborough?

Thank you for telling us how you move between Greensborough Station, Greensborough Walk and the Greensborough Activity Centre.

The consultation results will help future advocacy efforts for Greensborough to provide commuters and residents with better connection and access.

This is what you told us...

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Unlocking Greensborough

The Greensborough Activity Centre, including Greensborough Plaza, WaterMarc, Hoyts Cinemas, health services, restaurants and shopping, provides a place to connect, stay healthy, relax and have fun.

Over the next 18 months, a new Bus Interchange will be built on the corner of Para Road and Flintoff Street, a joint project with the Victorian and Federal Governments led by the Level Crossing Removal Project (LXPR), to complement the duplication of the train line.

This Interchange project is an opportunity to lay the foundations to improve the connection between the Activity Centre, Greensborough Station and the new Bus Interchange.

As commuters and residents, your views and experience are important to make sure we can take full advantage of this niche opportunity to plan now for future projects.

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