What is this development?

JW Land, an Australian property development company, have recently acquired 15 residential properties in Ivanhoe East. The site is bounded to the north by Cedric Street, to the south by The Boulevard and Wilfred Road and to the west by Wamba Road.

So far, JW Land have indicated that are seeking a development that includes;

  • 107 Apartments
  • 11 Townhouse
  • 288 Car Spaces (includes visitor parking)

Where are we now?

Council resolved at its meeting at the 11 December 2017 to issue a Notice of Decision to Grant a Planning Permit subject to a number of conditions. A copy of the officer report and minutes of the Council decision can be viewed at the Banyule City Council web site.

Any objectors to the planning application may lodge an appeal against Councils decision with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) by 8th January 2018. The permit applicant can lodge an appeal against Councils decision by 17th February 2018.

Details of the proposal

A range of preliminary design concepts were presented by the JW Land at the August 2017 community meeting. View the documents below To get an idea of the concept, the site itself and the early design layouts of the dwellings.

Wilfred Road drainage works

There have also been some recent drainage works undertaken by Council in Wilfred Road. These are works that Council has planned for some time and included in this years capital works budget. They are not being undertaken for the Wamba Road Development. The purpose of the Wifred Road drainage works is to alleviate overland storm-water flows in the area in severe weather events. Catchment analysis was undertaken a number of years ago which indicated that during large storm events there was in fact capacity within the pipe network to accommodate additional flows. The project was therefore designed to allow more water to get into the underground pipe network rather than running over land.

Works in three location were completed earlier this year, including north of Heidelberg Road near Beauview Parade, within Cedric Street and within the easement towards The Boulevard.