What's happening with waste?

Waste Services is one of Council's most visible and used services, every household, school and business in Banyule uses the service.

Our work is guided by the Banyule Waste Management Plan. The current plan expires in 2019, so we are now working with a range of stakeholders to develop the Banyule Towards Zero Waste Management Plan.

The objectives of the Waste Management Plan are to :

  • Provide a four year waste management direction that meets community needs and expectations
  • Inform the integration of waste services andn facilities to ensure compliance with relevant legislative requirements and policy direction
  • Influence waste avoidance and minimization from all sources in the community
  • Forecast waste management investment options and associated costings for a 10 year period

Our review approach

Our review process will look at: what has occurred throughout the implementation of the Waste Management Plan 2014- 2019, what the key achievements and learnings have been, industry standards and best practice within waste management, along with what our future needs may be and what legislative requirements we must comply with. For example the possible banning of electronic waste from landfill and the potential ban of single use plastic bags.

In addition to all of the above we believe it is essential that the community plays a key part in developing the revised plan.

To do this we formed a Waste Management Plan Community Reference Group late in 2017. This Group will work with us throughout the development of the plan and has already helped to develop our Community Consultation Schedule for the review.

The Consultation Schedule looks like this:

Phase 1 - Community Reference Group formation and implementation

Phase 2 - Waste Management Survey sent to 2,500 households. Waste Management Survey available to all Banyule residents, businesses and ratepayers on Shaping Banyule and facilitation of a community workshop

Phase 3 - Public Exhibition of Proposed Toward Zero Waste Management Plan.


There are many different parts that together make up our range of waste services available.

These include:

  • Kerbside collection
  • Hard waste and bundled branches collection
  • Electronic waste disposal
  • Waste Recovery Centre
  • Community events and resource recovery
  • Education, information and advocacy, including the Rethink Centre, view the promotional clip below