About the Plan

Banyule Youth Services (BYS) values, engages and empowers young people aged 12 to 25 who live, work, go to school or socialise in the Banyule community. Young people make up 17.56 % of the Banyule population and it's anticipated that this will continue to grow in the coming years. In response to the needs of young people, we are developing a youth plan which will provide us opportunities to continue to work alongside Banyule's amazing young people. The development of the new Youth Plan also provides us an opportunity to review and acknowledge the previous achievements of local young people and the Banyule Youth Services team. The Plan will set priorities, and help us shape and inform our future service delivery.

Why have a Youth Plan?

The purpose of the Youth Plan is to provide a strategic framework for the delivery of services to young people aged 12 to 25 in the Banyule community. The Youth Plan will guide and focus Council's work for young people to ensure participation and engagement, advocacy, development and support, advocacy alongside planning and coordination with other stakeholders. The plan will ensure the Youth services team is steering in the right direction for positive youth participation and growth within the community. Having a strategic Youth Plan will assist us to build on the already successful programs, events and services that are currently offered, and will provide a clear strategic direction in response to the needs of young people in Banyule.

How will the Plan be developed?

The Youth Plan will be developed through consultation with young people, community stakeholders and Council including:

  • Consultation with young people in various forms including: Focus groups, online surveys, Youth Summit data
  • Consultation with stakeholders & community in various forms: Online surveys, focus groups and community consultation
  • Analysis of emerging research through service providers and academic findings
  • Comparing BYS with other local government youth services to understand current practices and services being used

Have your say

As we begin our consultation with the community, we want to ensure the vision and direction for the Youth Plan includes views from the whole community. Share your vision for young people in Banyule below or take our short survey to let us know your thoughts.

What's your vision for young people in Banyule?

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23 May, 2017

June says:

“A community facility in Greensborough walk where young people can chat, link up with services, talk to youth workers, play pool, video games”

23 May, 2017

June says:

“Any venue /activity created for young people should be centrally located in the main shopping strips - something better than maccas carpark”

23 May, 2017

June says:

“Youth create vibrancy and interest. Provide a safe, fun, groovy, clean place for them to hang out and interact in Main st Greensborough”

26 April, 2017

nathan gunn says:

“Young people need opportunities and to be provided with encouragement to try out different things. Jets in Bundoora are a grear example!”

22 April, 2017

Buzzard says:

“They have enough facilities and activities to occupy and stimulate them sufficiently to keep them away from crime and vandalism”