Budget 2022-26

On 27 June 2022, the Budget 2022-26 was adopted by Council.

Thank you to everyone who participated in online and in-person consultation to help finalise Budget details for the financial 2022-23year.

If you would like to watch the Council meeting, you can stream it here. The discussion on the Budget 2022-26 starts at hour/minute 1:29:33 of the recording.


Council's draft Budget 2022-26 showed how we proposed to allocate funding for initiatives, programs, services and capital works, as well as how we proposed to finance this work and manage debt.

It was also key to supporting us to deliver our Council Plan and Community Vision 2041, which community helped to develop in 2021.

In the Budget we outlined where Council money comes from including rates, fees and charges, grants and other revenue, and embedded the financial management and strategic actions from our Financial Plan.

While affected by the pandemic, the proposed Budget showed that we are starting to recover from reduced levels of income resulting from COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions. Above all, it showed our commitment to financial sustainability while delivering high quality services, programs and infrastructure.

As we finalised the 2022-26 Budget, it was important to hear from you to ensure that it reflected our community's needs, provided opportunities to participate and put us in a position to drive and advocate for improved services, infrastructure and social outcomes. Your feedback on the draft Budget can be found in the findings report.